10 Technologies That Are Changing Healthcare For The Better

Charlotte Miller

10 Technologies That Are Changing Healthcare For The Better

The tech revolution seems, at times, to be focused mostly on information technology. Faster transmission of information, wider delineation of information, more detailed comprehension of information, and so on and so forth. But that is far from the only thing the tech revolution brings.

Healthcare has been changing more in the last fifty years than in the rest of human history combined. The advancements have been so staggering that it is hard to keep up with them. 

Today, we are going to go over 10 technologies that are improving healthcare. Whether it is through making disease easier to detect, making healthcare more comfortable, or simply making the delivery systems of healthcare more efficient, there is a lot that is improving.

1. Artificial Intelligence

In 2018 a snack production company made an AI that could identify a properly made croissant apart from an improperly made croissant. Much to their surprise, however, they loaned it out to a research university who discovered that same AI could also identify different types of tumors.

Artificial intelligence is changing medicine in a lot of ways. It can help scan bloodwork faster, identify symptoms without bias, and many other things. But most of all, it can simply see things that the human eye cannot, like the difference between a cist and a tumor.

2. Refrigeration

Should civilization ever come to an end, it is the lack of refrigeration that will be the greatest loss to humanity. Refrigeration allows for the storage of many different types of medicine. But refrigeration is an old invention, isn’t it? How could it be changing things in this day and age?

Well, that is because it has advanced so much that it is even better. It is more energy efficient, meaning that it requires less electricity to refrigerate things, meaning it can go more places.

3. Renewable Energy

For similar reasons, renewable energy has made it so medical technology of all kinds can be spread out further. The best example is in third world countries, which frequently lack advanced medical technology due to a lack of electrical infrastructure. The lack of coal fire power plants means that they have to either import coal, build a power plant, or use diesel generators.

Renewable energy solutions allow them to skip all of those steps and power things with wind and solar energy.

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4. Genome Sequencing

This is a technology that has existed since the completion of the human genome project, but it has really only gotten precise enough to be useful in recent years. The idea is that by reading the sequence of one’s DNA, you can predict health problems before they happen.

These problems can include dementia, heart problems, and susceptibility to cancer.

5. Pharmaceutical Development

There is an eczema treatment called Dupixent. It is a high level treatment for severe cases of eczema that is injected into the patient, rather than applied to their skin like most treatments.

What makes this drug noteworthy? Well, it is cultivated in the ovaries of a hamster. This is the kind of strange, difficult, and precise chemistry that would not be possible even 20 years ago.

6. Advancements in Microchemistry

On a related note, many drugs, treatments, and diagnostic methods are only possible due to our advanced understanding of how things work at a molecular level. These “things” include the human body, the drugs we put into it, and the diseases that affect us. 

Everything from viruses to cancer has been shrouded behind the veil of molecular biology for all of human history. Better microscopes and methods of examining these things have led to humans being able to directly observe and experiment upon them, finally lifting that veil.

7. Robotics

Many people are surprised to hear that robotics plays a big part in medicine these days. Most of the time this means methods of storage and fabrication of drugs. It can be as simple as a refrigerator that is smart enough to cool itself down further during certain situations.

But at its most advanced level robotics can mean machines that automatically perform surgery.

8. 3D Printing

Some people are surprised to hear this, as 3D printing seems to be the domain of hobbyists for the most part. But in medicine, 3D printing can help make many things. Prosthetic limbs and bones are the most common. If someone breaks their hip, a 3D printed splint can help them heal. And a 3D printed stint can help someone recover from a heart attack.

There are even people speculating about 3D printed organs and medicines.

9. Remote Monitoring

Everyone knows about the machines in hospital rooms that keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure. The sound of these machines going quiet as one’s heart stops beating is iconic (if a little incorrectly depicted in media). But that technology can go beyond hospitals.

People receiving treatment at home or in hospice can be monitored now too. This allows doctors to keep track of patients with easily wearable technology that does not impede them.

10. RNA Vaccines

RNA vaccines have gotten a ton of attention following the pandemic, as they were responsible for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. But what is so special about them?

Essentially, an RNA vaccine means that rather than using a live sample of a pathogen, we can just reproduce the genetic sequence of the pathogen. As far as the immune system is concerned, that is the same thing. This makes vaccine production more efficient.


The world is scary and unpredictable. Lots of big, climactic events are happening that make it feel like the end of the world. But at the same time, there are things being done in medicine now that would be seen as miraculous 100 years ago.

But that is actually understating it. There are things happening now that would be considered miraculous even ten years ago. And every day, things are getting even better. If you want to know more, check us out here: https://www.ascendantny.com/nyc-outpatient-rehab-iop-program/

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