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10 top instagrammable food spots for travelers

The most important aspect to consider on Instagram is whether photos and videos are aesthetic enough to be Instagram worthy. Those who have the most pleasing and aesthetic posts are the ones who excel with the most Instagram followers

Most food businesses around the globe are upgrading their décor and presentation of dishes to make them ‘Instagram worthy’. Instagram has managed to attract a large number of users, most of whom are foodies. Restaurants therefore try to make their outlook instagrammable to target as large a market as possible. 

Top 10 instagrammable food spots

  • Speedos in Sydney, Australia 

Speedos is a beach-side café on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It is known for its vegan-friendly dishes. Not only does this restaurant have a remarkable display and interior, but it’s dishes are also splendid. Its cornflake-crusted brioche French toast, chia vegan pancakes and caramelize banana are all Instagram worthy, and equally delicious. This is why this place has made it to the top of the list. 

  • EL&N cafe chain in London, England 

This magical food chain in London is one that many would love to take pictures in. with a splendid pink color scheme and hearts, the place is a famous destination point for tourists and travelers. It has velvet chairs and faux candy hearts, drenched in a pink hue.  The pastries and two-toned croissants, and the chicken burgers with pink bread, served here are equally post worthy. 

  • Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles, California 

Alfred coffee is the most photogenic of all food places in Los Angeles, California. The ivy covered exterior, interior with striped tiles and a pleasing floral wallpaper are an attraction to travelers and locals alike. The Gibraltar that it serves is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. 

  • Note Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam

This restaurant is a famous location for many travelers who are particularly left in awe with the colorful messages that decorate the interior walls. Every inch of its walls is covered in notes written by customers from all across the globe. Its lattes and desserts are most loved by customers. 

  • Mad Pops  in Bali, Indonesia 

This dessert spot in Indonesia has been popular among visitors because of its neon wall art. Photos taken before this wonderful display are worthy of all the likes and Instagram followers they get. This food spot is a Popsicle and ice-cream shop famous because of its vegan-friendly desserts. Desserts like raspberry coconut and ice cream, and coffee vegan chocolate crunch are world-famous and definitely instagrammable.

  • Pietro NoLita, an Italian eatery in New York City 

The intriguing combination of shades of pink that litter every corner of the interior are an attraction to all visitors. The unique color scheme is not only pleasing to the eye but also photogenic. Visitors almost always leave with Instagram worthy photos and videos they just cannot wait to post. Even the cups and napkins are pink.

  • Tania’s teahouse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The interior of the teahouse is a photographer’s dream. With its copper chairs, pink plates, dangling plants and framed posters are the perfect backdrop for an aesthetic photograph. The dishes too are a unique blend of colors on pink plates. 

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  • FIKA, a Swedish café in Toronto, Canada

The brick wall, dangling plants and armchairs make the interior a fascinating display. The most eye-catching and popular aspect of the interior design is the book wall; a wall literally covered with open books. It serves both vegan-friendly dishes and a range of other desserts.

  • Kafe Utu in Singapore

This restaurant is African-themed. The three-story café has a cozy interior with paintings, couches and woven lamps. The cocktails, coffee and foods that this place serves are famous among the customers. 

  • Blue Whale Café in Bangkok, Thailand 

Its titular color scheme; a blend of various shades of blue, is what gives it the photogenic look that most customers love. People are eager to take Instagram worthy photos in front of the life-size whale portrayals and blue tiles that look like fish scales. The butterfly-pea-flower lattes are equally eye-catching. 

The restaurants mentioned above are all world-famous among travelers who love taking aesthetic photos in restaurants they visit across the globe. With their remarkable interior designs and presentable dishes, these have made it to the top of the ‘most instagrammable food spots for travelers’ list.

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