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5 Best English to Hindi Typing Online Websites and Apps

I believe that I am not the only one who must have searched ‘How to type Hindi on a computer?’, or ‘English to Hindi typing keyboards’, on google. Many of us have gone through this process, either to complete school assignments or to send a message to someone, typing in Hindi is our basic requirement. Sometimes I even need it to do my coursework for college, which can a big undertaking. At the same time, writing Hindi in English letters can sometimes be confusing, especially to elders. Hence this brings the need for a tool that will not just perform the task of typing and transliterating your messages, but provide many more features that make dependency on third-party apps redundant.

If you are looking for a website or app that fulfills these requirements, then you have come to the right place. This blog will give you a comprehensive list of websites which will be extremely beneficial for you. But once you read it and select the one of your choice, don’t forget to tell us, in Hindi. 

Hindi Keyboard App

“I want a website!”, if that’s your first reaction, then let me tell you, that although the Hindi keyboard app is available on Playstore, their website provides you transliteration instantly to many languages. All you need to do is type in English, give space and the website will convert it instantly to Hindi, or whichever language you want. I must give you a warning though. Once you enter the website, you will fall in love with the app and would want to download it instantly.

The HIndi keyboard app is an all-in-one solution for the best texting experience. The keyboard itself is very simple to use, and works the same way as the website. Type in English and get real-time conversion of the words in Hindi – making Hinglish typing fast and accurate. It also has a Speech to Text feature, so that you can reduce time in typing long messages. 

The Hindi keyboard is not just a great typing keyboard, but it has everything that will make your typing experience amazing. Starting with, it has hundreds of ready-made stickers available on the keyboard. You can share them with your chats with just a click. The stickers are in Hindi and English, and are radiant in appearance. You can make personalized avatars, create animated stickers, and also produce animated emojis called BigMojis. 

The keyboard also helps you in sending quality literature content on groups such as Hindi and English quotes and Shayari. These too can be sent instantly with just a click. So if you are ever thinking of typing out a joke, or something inspirational, don’t sweat it and simply use the in-built library of the keyboard. 

Hindi keyboard app is the best Hindi typing software, and it is evident from the high user rating and number of downloads. The onboarding process is very easy too, so there is no hassle in the entire process.

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Google Translate

Google Translate is the most popular translation app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Through this application, you can translate between 103 languages by typing method. The Google Translate has a popup feature which pops-out when you copy the text in any app on your device and it translates the text with a single tap. In case you don’t have an active internet connection. Don’t worry, it also works offline. It also has camera mode, through which you can translate the Hindi text to English by taking a picture. Through this app, you can also do two-way instant speech translation.

Hindi-English Translator App

Hindi-English Translator is another for Hindi to English Translation apps. This app is developed by Klay’s Development and it is the lightest app for translation. The Size of this particular application is only 2.7MB. It is a free app which can translate English to Hindi and Hindi to English words as well as complete sentences. The app is very quick and easy to use. It only supports two languages, Hindi and English such that it is very useful. Users can easily translate using Copy and Paste or through voice input. It also features various interface settings, History and a favourite option to save a particular word or sentence.

Hi Translate – Chat Translator

Hi-Translate is a free translator app available for both Android and iOS. It supports up to 88 languages including Hindi to English translation. It is a great application which can be applied to almost any application such as Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter etc. For translation purposes. To use this feature, You have to drag the floating ball to the text or double click the floating ball to translate the Hindi language into the English language. It also supports image translation as well.

Tranit – English Hindi Translation App

Tranit is one of the best Hindi to English Translation Apps which are available for both android and ios. It also has a drag translation ball feature through which you can translate the languages. The app supports 100+ local languages with automatic language detection. It automatically detects the source language and translates the text into the language you need.