5 Reasons You Should Give Frequent Performance Reviews

Charlotte Miller

5 Reasons You Should Give Frequent Performance Reviews

The Annual performance reviews always end up being a waste of time. They’re too far apart to serve as effective ways to give employees feedback, and they focus on past behavior instead of the future.

Frequent performance reviews are an excellent alternative. At their best, frequent reviews ensure employees know where they stand, get regular encouragement when they do well, and help improve areas in which they struggle. 

If this management style sounds like a lot of work, consider the benefits and get performance review software.

Benefits of Frequent Performance Review Using Performance Review Software

1. Improve Overall Performance

They keep employees focused on the big picture. Employees should think about how their behavior affects their coworkers and customers and how it contributes to the overall objective of the business. Performance review software can easily give Frequent performance reviews that help keep that focus in place by providing regular reminders of the goals and strategies that will help you achieve them.

2. Increased Employee Engagement

When giving employees performance reviews only once per year, they may lose enthusiasm for their job. Employees will better understand how they’re performing, what areas need to work on, and what areas they’ve excelled in when you use performance review software to give frequent feedback. Employees can engage with their work and feel like they’re part of something bigger by getting frequent feedback.

3. More Opportunities to Improve

When you only give performance reviews once or twice a year, there is little chance of improving how your business operates. If an issue arises during those six months or twelve months between reviews, it may be too late when it’s addressed. By giving regular performance reviews, you can address issues as soon as possible and improve your business as needed.

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4. It helps identify promotion opportunities.

If an employee is performing well, it’s best for everyone involved if they can move up within the company. But the only way for this to happen is for you to identify those ready for more responsibility and let them know about any available positions. When you give frequent performance reviews, this information becomes obvious and allows them to share their goals of moving up in the company with you.

5. Identifying Training Needs

Regular performance reviews can help you identify areas where your team members could benefit from additional support or training. Having your employees wait until the end of the year to discuss performance concerns makes them unable to address any concerns you may have about their performance. It can be problematic if there are skills gaps or potential skills gaps that you could remedy with additional training. 

If you check in regularly with your employees, you’ll find out what training or resources they need to perform better. If there are any training programs, you can support them and help them grow professionally.


There are a lot of benefits that come from having frequent performance evaluations, which is one reason you should get performance review software. For example, it helps your employees grow in their jobs and become better at what they do while also feeling valued. It can help increase the motivation and retention levels of your team members.

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