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5 Unique Web Design Trends for 2021

Every year web design trends help us to achieve our goals, given that they are technology-based. But 2021 trends we received from our community of web professionals across the globe suggest the opposite. Design trends are influenced by the cultural transformation that takes place around the world.

This year, there has been a dramatic shift in the digital design sector. COVID-19 has put us into a quarantine that pushes everyone to dive deeply into the digital era and transform how we live and breathe our lives. The remote mode, living at the home reality that we all face, has challenged web designers to recreate real-life stories and make them available in the digital world.

Here are 5 unique web design trends that will aid you to make 2021 year brighter

  1. Elegant Serif Fonts

In today’s world, screen resolutions and sizes are clearer and larger than they were once. Compared to the traditional CRT monitors in the 1980s that were outdated predecessors, the screen we have now is more inviting to heavier serif fonts that are elegant and decorated.

When we use large screens, they are more readable and less cluttered due to the serif fonts. So, serif fonts are trending among web designers. Due to the higher resolution, it helps us to make more illustrious letters look more appealing and straightforward. serif fonts are the favorite font of every web design agency across the globe

  1. Retro fonts

We have seen that old is becoming cool nowadays and after that it again becomes uncool. Irony has a short life or thinks about mom jeans or handlebar mustaches. Retro fonts continue to be trending and go with popularity among web designers in 2021. Many professional designers prefer vintage typography to use as their digital marketing strategy.

There is also throwback typography that leads to resurgence. Web designers are always coming up with new transformations, and there are no repeated fonts. With artistry and stylization, they are reinventing the retro fonts for sites. There is a merge of new and old trends on the home page. Web designers bring new life into conventional bold fonts instead of feeling cliché or stale with their amazing experiments.

  1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism is the web design trending from last year and gaining importance among web designers. This year 2021, it continues to be trending among web designers into the paradoxical world. The style is a successor to skeuomorphism. This kind of design method involves outdated materials into the latest designs.

This neumorphismi web design was used in-app icons everywhere in 2010. It shows a merge of both trends that includes mimic physicality via a selection of drop shadows and overlaid with semi-flat colors. The most common feature of neumorphismi is digital debossing and embossing.

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  1. Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax scroll effects have been in trend in site design for years, and in 2021, the parallax scroll trend continues to see the more innovative and subtle discovery of what can be achieved with parallax.

You must remember that too much movement in parallax effects might be dangerous to individuals with vestibular disorders as the movement or illusion of depth can lead to dizziness or disorientation.

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  1. Scrolling Transformations

When visitors scroll, they are not only navigating the web page, but also they are communicating. The physical actions they do in real life, such as flicking their fingers over the mouse, lead to a response on the screen. Communication is a kind of participation, and when visitors are indulged in things taking place, they are more likely to be engaged and are more excited.

Scrolling is one of the most amazing forms of communication, and as such, 2021’s web designers are ramping up the visual feedback visitors get when scrolling. This change from a full-color scheme to a difficult animated transition led to a wholesale shift in the layout. Also, web professionals take the time to make each scroll feel like a new web page and sometimes create it as a new site.

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