6 tips to optimize Fb videos & download Facebook videos

Charlotte Miller

6 tips to optimize Fb videos & download Facebook videos

How do my Facebook videos attract viewers? How to download Facebook videos? This article will answer it all for you.

6 tips to optimize Facebook videos not everyone knows

Have you ever wondered why your videos are not attracting views? Immediately learn the 6 tips below to “exponential” viewers.

The 5s rule is immutable

Facebook says that for videos, the average view time in News Feed is 5.7 seconds. Therefore, the first 5 seconds is the decisive time to retain viewers.

Ideally, within the first 5 seconds, you should bring the viewer straight into the drama. Possibly aiming for exactly what they need. This is also the right time for products or brand messages to appear.

There are many ways to make an impression through images. Eye-catching, rhythmic and impressive images will impress viewers.

Focus on one main message

Determine what is important to the viewer after watching the video. Make them watch over and over again and even download that Facebook video.

Aiming at the main idea is extremely important, simple but many people forget. Good video, good quality, eye-catching effects, … but after watching, I don’t know what I’m talking about. That is one of the problems in message delivery and what video makers need to pay attention to.

Add subtitles for videos

Adding subtitles to the video is extremely necessary. Not only for targeted viewers but also for those who are just surfing.

Create impressive subtitles for videos

Especially in an environment where no noise is allowed, subtitled videos are ideal. Not only that, remember, when surfing videos on Facebook, the video initially runs without sound. The subtitles on the title will attract viewers and give the impression of “seeing and wanting to see”.

Choose an impressive title and insert it straight into the video

An impressive title is extremely important to contribute to the success of a video. And instead of leaving the title, as usual, insert the title directly into the video.

This is not exactly a new way, but its attractiveness has not seen any “decrease”. The title inserted into the video helps viewers identify through the content of the video. This is also a way to attract viewers. Through a short, concise, and impressive title, the video will gain more viewers.

Pay attention to the first image displayed on the video

The first image is always what attracts the viewer. It can arouse and stimulate the curiosity of customers.

It’s not a bad idea to have a thumbnail image and choose an impressive thumbnail image. Facebook allows you to choose from a series of randomly selected images. If you don’t find any of these images appealing enough. You can upload your own pictures.

To do so, upload or select the video you want to use in your ad. And then click on the Thumbnail editing area.

Remember that friendly-looking thumbnails will attract more clicks.

Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile devices

One of the last things to keep in mind is optimizing for dynamic devices. Facebook has always given preference to square videos displayed on phones.

Most users also use Facebook on mobile devices mainly. When surfing Facebook with applications, square or vertical videos prioritize the full-screen display. Video viewing performance may decrease if the video is not optimized.

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How to download Facebook videos to your computer quickly

There are many ways to download Facebook videos. But to download Facebook videos both quickly and with quality, please quickly read this article.

  • Step 1: Copy the link address of the video you want to save to your device.

Copy the link from the Facebook video you want to download

  • Step 2: Access the link https://snapsave.app on the web or download it on the google play app. Then paste the address of the copied video into the input box and click download.

Go to the link and paste the address in the input box

  • Step 3: Choose the quality to download the Facebook video you want and download

Choose the quality video you want to download

As here, there are 8 types for you to choose from 4K (2160p), 2K (1440p), full-HD 1080p, 720p (HD), 360p (SD), 640p, … Download quality is partly due to the quality of videos available on Facebook. You can also choose up to 2K or 4K ultra-sharp quality.

Small note: When you want to download high-quality Facebook videos, Facebook will not allow you to download videos with audio. Therefore, downloading Fb videos will have to be separated into 2 parts: video and audio. Then combine them again, so it will take some time.


The above tips will help you a lot in creating engaging and engaging videos. Besides, how to download Facebook videos through SnapSave is also a way to save you time. SnapSave also helps you get picture-quality videos.

Hopefully, these tips will help you succeed in creating ‘million-viewed’ videos.

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