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7 Alternatives to Amazon

Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer outside of China and the most popular e-commerce website in the US. Certainly, its wide selection of products, good functionality, and great customer service adds to its appeal.

However, the products on Amazon can be expensive, especially when you consider the shipping charges. Plus, unlike other websites, you can’t haggle over items and get a great discount.

There’s no doubt that online shopping is great for consumers: there is no need to queue and no “opening hours” to purchase a product.

So, if you’re interested in finding alternatives to Amazon, you’re in the right place. Continue to read and discover better options for you. 

  1. eBay

eBay is Amazon’s biggest competition. The bidding website is an excellent choice for those seeking to save some money, as it frequently offers weekly, seasonal, and brand-specific discounts. 

Products on eBay are categorized in a similar way to Amazon’s, providing easy access. Top categories in this platform include electronics, auto parts and vehicles, sporting goods, health and beauty, fashion, collectibles and art, home and garden, toys and hobbies, and more. 

If you enjoy auctions, you’ll likely enjoy this platform as it has a bidding feature. Surely, you’ll be so satisfied with eBay that you’ll have to check to delete your Amazon account. 

  1. AliExpress

Expect to find bargains (products under $5) since this platform offers factory-direct pricing on many different items. 

Run by the Alibaba Group, this e-commerce website offers many guarantees and protections to keep consumers safe from scams. These include giving customers a full refund if the product they ordered isn’t exactly what they were told they’d be getting or if it never arrives. 

  1. Best Buy

Best Buy has been one of the biggest electronics retailers for years, probably due to its customer service, physical stores, and prices. 

The company’s physical stores are similar to small warehouses: the consumer orders an item online and is shipped from the nearest location. Fortunately, they offer free shipping on purchases over $35 (excluding large, scheduled items). specializes in consumer electronics. So, if you’re searching for quality home electronics (e.g., computers, TVs, laptops, cameras, games, security systems, and so on), you’ll find them on their website.

  1. Etsy

Etsy was founded in 2005 to become the bridge between small, indie artists and customers looking for gifts with a more personalized touch. 

On Etsy, you can buy handmade and vintage items and supplies. This e-commerce website has a great appeal due to its amazing customer service (similar to Amazon).

Unlike Amazon and Walmart, all the things made, collected, curated, and sold on the website are done by its sellers. These independent business owners not only produce their products but manage their orders and inventory, too. So, if you’re looking to support small businesses, this is your chance!

Items commonly bought and sold on Etsy include knick-knacks, jewelry, quilts, clothing, toys, art, paintings, photography, and beauty products. If you’re looking into decorating your place, this is the platform for you. 

Keep in mind that most sellers ship globally, so you can pick from various shipping methods, with some even offering a free option. Since each seller selects their shipping method, ordering from different sellers means you’ll probably receive packages from different carriers at different times, including if you ordered them all at once. 

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  1. Walmart

Walmart might be more of a physical store at its core, but recently, the company has been pushing to become a threat to Amazon’s e-commerce sales (they even acquired to strengthen and grow its e-commerce presence). 

You can find various products on Walmart’s website, including electronics, groceries, sports equipment, health and beauty products, clothing, and jewelry.

Overall, Walmart might be one of the best Amazon alternatives. It offers everyday low prices, bargains, and many shipping options (including pickup at the local store and Grab-&-Go local pickup points). Like Amazon, it offers free shipping on purchases over $35. 

If convenience is a must for you, then you’re in luck: Walmart promises that returns take only 30 seconds for any product sold and shipped by the company. No need to hesitate when you’re online ordering an item!

  1. Newegg

Founded in 2020, Newegg is another e-commerce platform, but it focuses on electronic products such as digital cameras, laptops, desktop computers, televisions, and more.

This company operates worldwide and, by focusing on quick delivery and great customer service, it has grown to be a key competitor to Amazon. With their free “three days or faster” shipping, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on your new product. 

In addition, they offer daily deals and have a “price match guarantee” policy, so no need to worry about unreasonable prices!

  1. Target

Target is a very well-known supermarket chain and the second-largest department store retailer in America.

You can expect to find a wide range of products on their website, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, pet supplies, shoes, beauty and health products, food, furniture, toys, and games.

You can choose to have the items delivered at your door or pick them up at a Target store nearby. 

You’ll be able to shop trendy, cutting-edge, higher-quality goods for low prices. Sure, you won’t find as many discounts as you would in Walmart, but watch out for the seasonal deals! 

Alternatives to Amazon: Are They Worth Trying?

Whether you’re shopping for groceries, grooming, or home essentials, knowing the alternatives to Amazon can help you find the best deal! Expand your online options and get the bargain you deserve!

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