7 Things To Consider Before Buying a Microwave Oven

Charlotte Miller

7 Things To Consider Before Buying a Microwave Oven

There are many things you should have to check before buying a microwave oven, below we have listed some of the important factors to look for in a microwave.


If you’re searching in the market for the microwave (or built-in) model, selecting the appropriate size for the space is crucial, especially when you’re replacing an old microwave. Be sure to make sure whether the door can open. There is more flexibility if you purchase an appliance that is countertop-based. However, it’s essential to take measurements of the space in your kitchen.


Microwave power will be stated in cubic feet. The more cubic feet you have, the more the microwave. Some microwaves range from as little as 0.5 cubic feet up to most significant models that are 2-cubic feet or greater. 

Most microwaves fall within the 1-to-2-cubic-feet range. It can be challenging to decide the capacity of a microwave to satisfy your requirements based on cubic feet on their own. The best measurement to be aware of is the size of the interior and the turntable. 

Make sure the door’s opening is large and high enough to hold the food items you cook the most and that the size and shape of the turntable can accommodate your plates will allow you to choose the best microwave size.


The power of a microwave is measured in watts. The greater the Wattage, the more excellent the power a microwave can produce and the faster and more evenly it can cook food. The majority of high-end microwaves available today come with 500-1000 Watts of power. The ideal choice will depend on how you intend to utilize the microwave.

Most people prefer a microwave with 700 Watts (or more) because they are affordable and great for microwave popcorn, meals, and other small foods. If you’re planning on doing the heavy-duty cooking you can do in your microwave.

Then you’ll require an appliance that has about 1,000 Watts of power. These microwaves are more powerful and can cook virtually everything, from meat mains such as meatloaf to vegetable sides and desserts.

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Preset Cooking Modes

Alongside the usual keys to enter time manually and switching off and starting the microwave, many models also have controls to set cooking timers. The pre-programmed cooking settings automatically set the power levels and cooking time depending on the food you’re cooking.

Some options allow you to cook items such as popcorn and potatoes, frozen vegetables, and much more at the click of a button. There are also options for melting chocolate and butter, defrosting frozen foods, and reheating pizza. Think about whether you use these functions or prefer to punch in the time manually. There’s no sense in paying for features you don’t use.


Certain microwaves come with sensors that automatically adjust the cooking time and power level according to the amount of moisture they find in the food you’re cooking. The sensors are made to stop overcooking or uneven cooking so that you don’t end up with rubbery, overcooked, or undercooked food items or meats with cold areas.


Some microwaves are equipped with removable racks that provide shelves inside the microwave, allowing you to cook multiple items at once. Based on how much microwave cooking you perform and how many cooks are cooking leftovers simultaneously, you may be able to benefit from microwaves with racks.

The racks are typically constructed of wire, just like the oven racks. Remember that racks in your microwave can reduce the room you can use to fit higher-height items into the microwave.

Cooking Functions

Certain microwaves come with steaming, grilling, or convection cooking features. Microwaves with these cooking functions are typically more expensive than microwaves without these options.

Although not as efficient as a traditional propane grill, the grill feature on microwaves are designed to cook the outside of food items to produce grill results. 

Convection microwaves employ the same technique as their oven counterparts, and the fan blows heated air inside the microwave to help cook food more quickly and evenly. Convection microwaves can also boil or crisp food like traditional ovens.


The price of microwaves varies widely, and the cost of a brand new microwave depends on its dimension, style, and capabilities. Although you can find tiny basic microwaves for less than 7000, most models cost between 10000 and 20000 — price range.

Specialty microwaves, such as models with drawers and built-in designs, and ones that have convection cooking capabilities may cost more. In general, the tremendous energy (i.eThe Wattage) and features of a microwave come with more features, the more you will pay.


Most microwaves come with a one-year warranty, with some offering extended protection for the magnetron component. Even though a quality microwave is likely to last for a long time beyond the one-year contract, it’s a best practice to review the fine print before buying to find out exactly what’s covered and the length of time. Many stores offer extended warranties on microwaves, as well as other appliances.

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