8 Best Occasions to Wear a Thong

Charlotte Miller

8 Best Occasions to Wear a Thong

When it comes to underwear, perhaps one of the most iconic styles for women is the thong.

This style is often regarded as one of the more sexy options for women because it is one of the most revealing. But it is also extremely practical too. The thong prevents those pesky underwear lines from showing up underneath your skirt, dress or pants.

The type of thong that you wear will ultimately determine your level of comfort and confidence. But if you choose the right one, then it will give you all the support you need with a minuscule amount of fabric. Cotton is often the best choice because it is gentler on your skin and allows for more moisture to evaporate, which actually lowers the risk of bacteria. Of course, every woman needs at least one lacey or silk thong in her underwear drawer for those more romantic evenings too.

While wearing a thong to the gym is not the best option because of how sweaty you will be getting, there is still a range of occasions that you should wear a thong. We have rounded up all the top things to know when it comes to the best times to rock the thong and feel great about it

1. When You Wear Form Fitting Outfits

If you are wearing an ensemble that hugs your body, then a thong will be your best option for underwear. No one wants to have the dreaded underwear lines show through your outfit and be visible to everyone. So if you want to avoid the shame, then bust out that thong and know that no one can see what type of underwear you are wearing.

2. When You Want to be Comfortable

This one may surprise some people, but if you are craving comfort then often a thong is one of the best things you can wear. This is because there is so little fabric to bother your skin that often it can feel like you are commando. Plus, the way the thong is cut prevents chaffing from happening.

Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in a silky cotton thong all afternoon?

3. When You Want to Feel Confident

The way you feel on the inside often determines how you look on the outside. If you are wanting a bit of a confidence booster, then you should definitely rock a thong too. Not only will it make you feel more attractive, but powerful too. Whether it is for that important business meeting or first date, wearing a thong can completely transform your confidence.

4. When You Want to Look Sexy

Whether you are having a night in with yourself or a romantic evening with a partner, a thong can be the added magic you need to make the night nice and steamy. In fact, many people believe that wearing a thong is one of the sexiest things a girl can wear. Not only is it a huge turn-on to them, but allows you to transform into the sexiest version of yourself as well. Plus, a thong lets you flaunt your natural beauty.

5. When You Want to Look Good

Thongs are one of the most flattering types of underwear to rock. So if you are wanting to look good and feel good, then it is the perfect occasion to wear a thong. No matter what type of outfit you are wearing—from leggings to a dress—a thong will help you feel great all day and night.

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6. When You Don’t Want a Wedgie

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your underwear is riding up and you need to re-adjust. Especially when in public, you can end up doing a bit of an awkward dance trying to re-adust without anyone else noticing. But a thong will stay right in place and you will avoid the wedgie altogether.

7. When You Want Your Legs to Breathe

If you do not want to deal with seams pressing into your thigh, then a thong is the best bet for this occasion. The design of a thong completely misses your thighs, so your legs can breathe freely and not have to worry about having cut-off circulation.

8. When You Want to Feel Older

If you are a younger girl and want to feel more mature and sophisticated, wearing a thong can make you feel like an actual adult. While thongs are not appropriate for children, they can add a nice confidence boost to teenagers and young adults who do not want to feel like kids anymore.


Wearing a thong is pretty much always a good idea. From occasions where it supports form-fitting outfits to occasions where you simply want a confidence boost, the thong is one of the best go-to underwear options for nearly every occasion.

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