8 Things to Keep in Mind for Social Media Recruitment

Berry Mathew

8 Things to Keep in Mind for Social Media Recruitment

Social media recruiting has become intrinsic to recruitment marketing and employer branding strategies. 

In fact,  78% of recruitment professionals expect social media recruiting activities to rise significantly.

Engaging with job seekers on social media platforms can help improve the agency’s reputation, and it can also help form a meaningful long-term relationship with the candidates.

Social media recruitment is not just about reaching out to the candidate pool on social media and is beyond posting job vacancies on social networking problems. This is precisely why training recruiters carefully for social recruiting is essential.

Keep reading to learn everything you need about training, recruiting, and hiring professionals for social media recruitment.

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How Recruiters Can Prepare for Social Recruiting

The first step towards training recruiters to hire from social media involves understanding the procedure of recruiting from social media platforms.

How Can You Recruit New Hires Through Social Media?

  • Reach out to candidates: Take a soft approach when reaching out to candidates. However, don’t forget to reach out with a personal touch because experienced and talented job-seekers hear a lot from recruiters and would appreciate a personalized message. Of course, you can always use recruiting email templates to expedite the communication process.  
  • Grow your social media presence: Before reaching out to candidates on social media, it is vital to build a presence on social networking platforms. Building authority on social media platforms helps improve the credibility and popularity of the recruitment agency or the company.
  • Curate engaging content: Post relevant and quality content on your social media channels. Content posted can be done in texts, graphics, videos, or podcasts with valuable information. It should also be interesting enough to grab the attention of people.
  • Be active in the right conversations: Don’t forget to engage with the right people. For example, being active in LinkedIn and Facebook groups will allow you to communicate with different groups of target candidates who might be interested in applying for a job.
  • Target the niche networks: People from diverse backgrounds use social media, so recruiters must remember to recognize the niche connections. This way, you can find skilled candidates specifically suitable for the job.

8 Things to Keep in Mind While Training for Social Media Recruitment

  1. Learn the Basics of Social Media Management

You cannot master the hiring process from social media without getting the basics right. Learn about all the relevant social media platforms or content-sharing sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Quora, etc.

Recruiters should also know to check the insights to track the growth of their social media presence. Know ways in which you can measure the results and outcome. The engagement on your posts and traffic driven to your page can help refine your social media recruitment strategy.

Again, it will help if you are well-versed in using multiple social media sites, not just LinkedIn. The right social media training will help you engage with your audience correctly.

Another critical aspect of social media management as a recruiter is to know your audience well and define your goals. A clear roadmap for your hiring goals will help you maximize your success. You also need to know about social media strategies to efficiently reach your target talent pool.

  1. Focus on Quality Content

Reaching out to a broader pool of job seekers would be impossible if recruiters don’t work on providing valuable and quality content. So, while training recruiters for the social media hiring process, teach them ways to enhance the content quality on social media.

To enrich your social media presence, producing quality content is crucial.

You can produce engaging and informative content in videos, photos, infographics, podcasts, memes, etc. Moreover, HR professionals should also write the text writing style of your job postings in a formal yet interactive and exciting manner. Finally, use a consistent brand voice in your social media content.

  1. Target the Right Platforms

You can target relevant job applicants only if recruiters use appropriate social media channels. So, first, understand which social networking sites are used the most by hiring managers and job-seeking candidates.

LinkedIn is the most popular social recruiting platform, with 90% of job seekers using it to find job opportunities. But recruiters need to keep in mind to work on their brands’ professional presence on LinkedIn as it provides the most convenient way to reach out to candidates seeking jobs.

Facebook is another popular platform for social recruiting, as 81% of potential candidates look for jobs on relevant Facebook pages and groups. The platform is a smart choice for recruiters as they can use a professionally casual communication tone to attract more millennials.

  1. Leverage the Use of Recruitment Software

Most recruitment and hiring managers know how using recruitment softwares can make your life easier. Recruitment softwares help automate the hiring process, and budding recruiters should use such softwares.

You can integrate your company’s social media channels with an online recruitment software

A high-quality ATS also provides valuable data and insight into your social recruiting strategies, helping you tailor your methods and strategize your social media recruitment process.

By using an ATS, recruiters can easily communicate with candidates through multiple job boards across social media platforms, and that too automatically. Yes, that’s right! Recruiters and hiring managers can comfortably automate their tasks and functions on social media.

While training your recruiters for social recruiting, emphasize streamlining social recruiting efforts using an ATS.

  1. Emphasize Being Active and Engaging

If you don’t engage and interact with your audience, all your social recruiting efforts will fail. However, staying active doesn’t imply spamming potential candidates and audiences with irrelevant content.

Be consistent with posting your content on social media platforms. The content should be engaging, informative, and attractive.

Also, focus on conversing with job seekers directly. Healthy communication can attract more potential candidates to apply for jobs posted on your social media channels.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook make it easy for recruiters to directly message and approach talented candidates and build extensive networks.

Another interesting way to engage with your social media audience is by posting relevant tips for job applicants and increasing your reach by engaging with other’s appropriate content.

  1. Promote Your Company’s Culture

Showcasing your company’s culture can help increase your brand awareness. In addition, this is the best way to attract potential candidates to apply for open positions, as promoting the culture at the workplace attracts job seekers the most.

While training recruiters, prepare them to use social media to talk about the perks of working at the company and how it helps an individual develop professionally and personally.

When recruiters showcase an organization’s positive work culture adds value to the company’s social media presence, attracting top talent to apply for open job roles.

Focus on building and displaying a unique company culture but don’t fabricate it with exaggerated lies. No matter what, be authentic.

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  1. Don’t Ignore the Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are an essential part of the job market. Therefore, recruiters must take advantage of getting in touch with passive candidates as they make up 70% of the candidate pool!

While training hiring managers to streamline their social recruitment process, they should be prepared to reach out to passive candidates. You can increase the reach of your job listings through social media, which is the best way to tap into the pool of passive and inactive candidates.

Social media recruitment makes it easier for recruiters to quickly gauge the most relevant candidates according to their experience and skills.

Moreover, recruiters can drop a quick, personalized message they can always drop a quick message to passive candidates if they are interested!

  1. Use Both Organic and Paid Methods to Grow

Recruiters need to learn to strategize their social recruiting process using organic and inorganic methods to improve their social media process.

Organic methods will help increase your engagement, whereas advertising will increase your overall reach and brand awareness.

Social advertising on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram will allow you to reach out to more job seekers and target your ideal candidate.

Social media advertisement can also help target niche networks and also passive candidates. Remember not to spend from your budget even when not needed. Do focus on growing organically too!

What is social media recruiting?