8 Tips To Select the Right Online Invoicing Solution for Photographers 

Charlotte Miller

8 Tips To Select the Right Online Invoicing Solution for Photographers 

You have a keen eye for detail and use the best of tools and lighting to create photos that leave the perfect imprint on people’s hearts. But, have you ever thought about tools that can help you get business insights, faster payments and even take care of the basic accounting functions. 

Yes, the best billing and invoicing software for photographers let you do that and much more. But, wait, you cannot pick up any tool and get going. You will need to list out your requirements, schedule demos, and then see if a solution aligns with your needs or not. 

If you are looking for good online invoicing software, here are some things you will need to consider. 

1. Does it have time tracking modules? 

You might be charging hourly rates for ad-hoc work, but how much do you get paid by the hour. Well, the answer to this question will be available only when you track your time by the minute. Creative professionals who record their billable hours will have spare time and be paid fairly for their effort. 

2. Can you create estimates with ease? 

Small business owners offer their estimates using Word, Excel, or email. While this is not a bad way, it will not be feasible to communicate with your clients in the long run. 

Thus, you should pick up a solution that lets you create custom estimates, invoices and other accounting documents, including invoices. So, you would no longer need to format from scratch and will save a lot of time. 

Also, these solutions will help you track quotes record when they were sent and were accepted or not. Once they are accepted, you can quickly convert them into invoices.

3. Does it provide any ease in expense management? 

Running a photography business is no child’s play. You will have loads of expenses from lenses to software solutions and cameras to transportation costs. If you wish to scale your business at a faster pace, you will need to manage expenses like a pro. 

So, choose a solution that lets you streamline expenses and be accountant-ready at tax time. You can even choose to manage recurring expenses such as office rent and subscription software, and you will not need to enter it every month. 

Also, when your expenses are in line, you will know your profit/loss in time, and that will facilitate better business decisions. 

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4. Can you account on the go? 

Yes, you need to manage a lot of invoices. You keep a day aside for tackling invoices, writing estimates, and handling other accounting chores. But, you have to deal with an emergency, and all your plans get off track. 

Luckily, with online payment processing solutions, you will need not spend hours or days managing your finance. You can make them on the go when you are waiting for your cab lunch order and be done when they arrive. 

5. Does it facilitate collaboration? 

You might have a system in place to share photos with your clients. But what if you need to get quick feedback on a picture? So, when looking for best online invoicing software, make sure your solution offers a space to collaborate and lets you manage and share information updates and files. 

Rather than having an email chain of photos that make no sense, you will have conversation records, images and their feedback in one spot. 

6. Does it expedite payments? 

Did you know you can get paid 2x faster if you accept credit card payments? Customers appreciate it and can pay you directly from the link in your invoice. 

So, don’t choose any solution for online payment processing. Make sure it accepts multiple forms of payments and especially credit cards. Also, you will be able to keep track of your completed and pending payments. The best part is that you will not need to manually file earnings anywhere, and it will make your life super easy. 

7. Can you automate payment reminders? 

One of the most boring tasks for small business owners is to follow up on small payments. A good online invoicing software will help you automate the same by setting incremental payment reminders. Thus, pick a solution that lets you do this, tracks your payments, and sends a clear message. 

Wrapping Up 

These were just a few tips to select the right online invoicing software for your photography business. Faster online payment processing, seamless finance management, and guaranteed customer satisfaction are just some of the benefits of using the best billing and invoicing software for photographers. So, invest in one at the earliest to scale faster. 

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