Charlotte Miller


Work is an important aspect of our lives. Research says that an average person spends approximately 90,000 hours at work that sums up to almost 11 years. So, the experience must be worthwhile and comfortable.

Work environments are a major factor in determining the productivity of the employees and their well-being. Nowadays, companies are putting in a lot of effort and thinking in designing a comfortable working space. Hot desking software is an office management system that helps in making the workstations multi-party. Let us know about it in detail.


Hot desking software is a system that allows more than one worker to use a particular workstation. Instead of providing separate workstations to employees, this software allows many workers to use the workstations at different times. 

Companies invest in modern office furniture like ergonomic chairs, standing desks, conference rooms, etc. to accommodate all the employees.


Everything becomes interesting when we get to know the benefits it is going to give us. So, here we go:

  • Hot desking software is a cost-effective way to accommodate a larger number of employees in a small space.
  • The system requires a proper structure and schedule for a smooth workflow. This structure helps in flexible work patterns for the employees and eradicates monotonous work pressure.
  • The software can be used via any electronic device be it laptop, mobile phone, tablets, or ipads. So, it saves the employees from sitting for long hours crouched up on chairs. The portable devices add ease to work as well.
  • One of the important aspects a staff or employee looks for is freedom. Freedom for thoughts and wishes. Most of the time, they can express their freedom through the work they do but the designated and restricted seating arrangements restricts their freedom to choose and want. The hot desking software allows the employees to choose a workstation, just right for them. This helps in increased productivity.
  • The structure induces informal relationships in the organization. Humans are social animals who need, want, and should communicate. As they say – communication is the key to everything. So, the freedom to choose seats or workstations helps in building friendship and social life at the workplace. A connection that makes them want to come to the office every day and work. Didn’t you go to school just to meet them and would not when they wouldn’t? It is the same here. Friendship makes work pressure less stressful and benefits mental health as well.
  • The hot desking system is beneficial for the organization as it helps in cutting down expenses. The expenses of building extra furniture and accessories and investment on larger properties to accommodate all the employees together are saved with increased employee participation and productivity. 

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The hot desk desking software may look appealing and positive but the key reason for it is successful implementation. Today, we will tell you some of the hot desking best practices that will help you gain all the benefits of the software which are:

  • Proper Structure

Remember that you have to accommodate a large number of people in a small space, and that requires some strategic thinking. Since the furniture and area are limited we have formulated a unique structure to allow everyone to enjoy the work environment and concentrate on the work.

One of the best ways is to make different slots. Create 2 or 3 different slots for the days with 5 to 6 hours in each slot according to the work distribution. This allows the employees to choose a specific and suitable slot for themselves. The reduction in work hours leads to urgent work completion and increased productivity.

There are times when we tend to overthink a particular topic and sit with it for hours. Restricted hours won’t allow that and the work is completed in time. Our work is the best when we hold a grip on it and finish it in a flow.

So, the management has to brainstorm and come up with effective experimental strategies to find the best one for their company and employees. 

  • Curb the Freedom

Freedom is the fundamental right of any individual and nobody can take that away. But too much freedom can turn your company into an informal communication center where work suffers the most.

Friendship is important and so is a comfortable choice of the workstation. But the company must make sure that the employees are adhering to changes. Choosing the same place every time must not be allowed. 

It is better to ask for preferred workstations and a lot of things according to your understanding. Weekly change of location is good enough. Change helps us to keep ourselves on our toes, forbidding us to be too comfortable with a setting or situation.


These were some of the insightful hot desking best practices from us to the companies wanting to make a change. With changing times, we must and should change and adapt to the current setting to move with the wind and not be left behind. Hot desking software is one of the new-age office setup systems which can impact the corporate and employment structure drastically. 

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