A Quick Look at the Hungry Howie’s Pizza Crust Flavors

Charlotte Miller

A Quick Look at the Hungry Howie’s Pizza Crust Flavors

It’s not unusual for a lot of people to eat pizza and then end up with a plateful of uneaten crusts. After all, the crust is usually the blandest part of the pizza. Why eat something that has no taste when you can just opt for another flavorful slice of pizza? You’re just filling your stomach up with bread when you have more delicious options. 

But then there’s Hungry Howie’s. Along with the oven baked subs and flatbreads (view menu here), you have freshly made pizza with real mozzarella cheese and high-quality toppings. You can go with the Original Round pizza, or opt for the Thin Crust or the Deep Dish. 

And no part of the pizza goes uneaten, since Hungry Howie’s load up their pizza crusts with great flavors. In fact, you have 8 different flavors to choose from for your pizza crust. Which one’s the best? That depends on your personal preferences, and probably your mood at the moment as well. Nonetheless, here’s a quick guide to the various pizza crust flavors to help you make your pick: 

1. Onion

Okay, this may not be your best choice if you’re on a first date. Onions have this powerful smell that just won’t go away easily, even if you chew some gum afterwards. But it’s probably a good choice when you’re on your 15th date with the same person, or when you’re with family and friends. That’s especially true when many of you like intense flavors. This is not a subtle flavor at all. 

With your crust laden with that robust onion taste, you can go with lots of savory toppings to go on your pizza. The oniony crust gives a nice kick to your classic pepperoni pizza, and it sure adds some zing to your traditional meat lovers as well. 

2. Garlic Herbs

This is another no-no on dates, but who cares? That’s especially true when you both bond on your love of garlic. Munching on this pizza crust will be like all those other times you enjoyed some garlic bread. You won’t have to keep dipping your pizza crust into some garlic sauce to get that taste. 

But of course, this isn’t your ordinary garlic bread, since you also have lots of toppings to choose from. To make the most out of the garlicky taste, try to have some Italian sausage on your pizza. The matchup of Italian sausage with garlic is a classic combo that never gets old. 

3. Ranch 

It’s hard to find the words to describe the ranch flavor. It combines the flavor of herbs (usually dill, thyme, and parsley) with the creaminess of sour cream, buttermilk, or even just mayo. But you also have that garlic and onion flavor, with a hint of black pepper as well. 

It’s a tangy taste that’s bright and zesty, and it wakes up a lot of flavors of the other ingredients on your pizza. And to really get a good match, make sure you get your buffalo chicken pizza with the ranch crust. 

4. Sesame

This is one unique flavor you should try at least once. Who knows, maybe it can become your favorite? It’s like you’re eating a burger with your iconic sesame seed bun, right? 

Yes, it seems like adding beef to your pizza will be a good choice here. But you should also try pairing it with Italian sausage, as the tangy taste of the Italian sausage goes nicely with the toasty sesame. 

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5. Butter

The buttery crust is golden and crispy, and its flavor is subtle enough so that it doesn’t overpower the taste of your toppings. Basically, the folks at Hungry Howie’s brush some melted butter along the edges of the pizza crust. That makes the crust still light and airy on the inside, but flakey and crunchy at the ends. 

This goes nicely with any toppings you might want, because it matches nicely with the sweet and tangy sauce that goes on all the pizzas here. You might even want to try eating the pizza crust first, as the buttery flavor will start up your taste buds so they’re ready for the rest of the pizza. 

6. Asiago Cheese

This is a type of cheese that’s somewhat like parmesan, though asiago cheese is nuttier and creamier. The taste is somewhat tangy, and also has a buttery taste. 

The cheese adds a sharp nuance to the overall flavor, and goes well with certain toppings. It pairs off nicely with veggie pizza, along with the sausage and pepperoni options. Add some green peppers and olives to your sausage and pepperoni pizza, and you’re good to go. 

7. Butter Cheese

This option seems to combine the best of both the butter and asiago cheese crusts. It actually pairs parmesan cheese with brushed butter, so you get that buttery flavor and then the bright cheese aftertaste. 

This goes very well with the Meat Lovers pizza, along with The Works pizza. 

8. Cajun

The Cajun seasoning they use on the crust generally comes from combining cayenne pepper, pepper, oregano, paprika, and garlic powder. It adds a nice spicy kick to your pizza, regardless of which pizza flavor you get. It pairs nicely with a simple cheese pizza, and with the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza as well. 

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