Apex Legends Beginner's Guide

Charlotte Miller

Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide

Apex Legends has been attracting new players in the last few months. As the game gas becomes free and millions of players gather, you need to concentrate and use your wits to win. To win a battle, you need adequate resources, ammunition and skill. Though the game is free for all, its quality is impeccable; looting and shooting are still the cruces of the game. But with a few interesting twists and turns in battle royale style. You need some edge to enter into the elite circle winners.

Hacks make the difference 

In Apex Legends, there are fourteen characters with equal potency, speed, gun power and skill. But ability sets them apart; each character has a unique strategic, passive and definitive ability. Select a legend that aligns with your playstyle, or you can sneak in each legend to see which ability suits you most. If you want to be a protector for your squad, choose Gibraltar; Pathfinder is the legend if you want to speed up the troop movement to take enemies in ambush. If sustainable health lines to your platoon, opt for the Lifeline legend. Whatever legend you choose, the Lavicheats hacks empower them more.  

These hacks are easy to install and compatible with various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and PC. There are wide spectrums of hacks; you can pick up any as per your need for a little fee. The ESP (extra sensory perception) gives you the ability to see through solid objects like walls. The hacks reveal data about enemy distance and their state of health. This is truly useful in squad play as you can alert the other two members of unforeseen adversaries. Stay close to your comrades as enemies could easily outwit you if you are alone. With the ESP hack, you can locate enemy positions precisely and highlight potential threats.

Stay close

Like other battle royale games, Apex Legends with a drop, one of the three-member squad is selected as a jumpmaster. Though other members can give suggestions about the location and angle of the destined spot, the jumpmaster is the authority to decide on it. The 2D and 3D radar hacks provide more information about the surrounding arena, helping you find the right direction. Try to stick to your teammates, especially during descent. Splitting up only hasten early termination. An organized enemy troop is more likely to overpower you when away from team members. Do not fall behind team members, taking away all the gears lying in the area. After you drop, seek the abandoned building to use it as shelter, but stay close to the rest of the troop.

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Kings Canyon is the epicentre

Kings Canyon is the epicentre of all Apex matches; the place is full of abandoned military equipment. The terrain is rugged, ranging from open fields to swamps besieged with wreck buildings to the extensive desert full of dilapidated stations. Apex removal cheats help you to navigate in this bleak landscape. No smoke, No fog cheats eradicates visual obstacles for a clear vision. With the help of these hacks, you can see clearly through smoke and fog to identify your enemies. As you progress, you know what to avoid and where the best loot is situated. The ring encircling the combat zone regularly shrinks to make your movement more difficult. You need to move fast with the merchandise to avoid being trapped in the arena.

Go for the best loot

In different sections of the map, there are different levels of loot. The more you acquire ammunition, shield the more protected you are and the possibility of victory increases. Some map sectors are scattered with valuable loots that all players want to reach. Mostly, the high-worth loots are hidden inside the dropships placed randomly on the terrain. Every time you start the game, you are unarmed, so decide you venture into these high-risk zones.

At the initial stage of the game, you only gave eight weapons slots. You can pick up different types of weapons like grenades, guns and health replenishment. You will find another backpack that augments your weaponry by another six slots if you are fortunate. You need to be careful about every bullet you fire; the aimbot chat gives you precise aim. It enhances your shooting skill and gives an edge to others. The cheat lock on the target, so you never miss it. 

Speed is crucial 

At first, you need to pick up everything you see, but after you collect a weapon or two, you take a gander at your rucksack. Discard the ammunitions that you cannot utilize. When you pick a new gun, do not forget to take the ammunition, it is always there close to the gun. Speed is crucial in Apex Legends, and you can run faster with a light rucksack. Experience players travel light to gain the extra speed to outdistance pursuers. Once you get the loot, clear away the spot as fast as possible, or other parties will come to pounce on you. 

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