Charlotte Miller

Avoid these mistakes to enhance your sales!

While marketing is the face of the business, it is sales that bring bread and butter to everyone in the company! As a part of the sales team, you should be high on energy always & come up with unique strategies to grab those deals. The sales team is offered lofty perks because of the rigorous work they do to seal the agreements. 

However, not everybody has the right strategy and attitude. It leads to heavy losses to the company too. The new joiners especially make a lot of mistakes that, if not corrected, will lead to broken relationships and bad deals. This article will help you identify the weaknesses and provides insights to improve on. 

The right list 

Of course, every new contact is an opportunity to pitch in your sale deal. However, when it is not the right one, you will only be wasting your precious time. It is common for the new joiners to call every person they find on the yellow book to hit their daily target. 

It might work initially as beginners luck, but this isn’t a long term successful strategy. Uncover the right contacts from the target audience and email them first. Use to find email addresses. This email search tool also comes with a chrome extension to your LinkedIn and Gmail accounts. Hence, making it easy to get in touch with the professionals.

Talk the talk

Talking right is definitely a skill that not everybody possesses. However, listening is something you find very rare. Pitching in sales makes one really passionate about the product or service. You’d want to offer every detail of the product and confirm why it’s the right fit for the potential client. 

No matter how vibrant your pitch is, it won’t affect the client much if they don’t have an opportunity to speak. A study confirms that the person who speaks only 43% of the time gets the highest closure than the rest. It means that the potential customer expresses over 50%. Hence, satisfying their psychological interest to communicate.

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The homework 

It is the digital age where everyone can access any information from the internet. So, it is pivotal for you to stay ahead in the game and learn about your client. Instead of using a generic pitch, customize it as per your client’s interests and requirements. Under no circumstances should you argue with the client. 

Maybe that client has the correct information. When you’re unsure of your content, take a break from them politely and get back with the facts. Regardless, you will earn brownie points for offering them a solution rather than just showing them the perks of the product. 

They know the perks already! The customer interacts with the salesperson because they want to learn how customizable the product can be with their needs!

Final thoughts

A successful sales conversation involves two-way communication, where the potential client feels heard and their requirements valued. There are times when you give your best, yet it isn’t enough to seal the deal. It is okay if such instances arise.

Sometimes, the client just doesn’t want a new deal. Understand their perspective and respect the decision. By not burning the ends, you will ensure that there will be an opportunity in the future.

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