Best Affordable Off Road Tires

Charlotte Miller

Best Affordable Off Road Tires

Taking your truck off-roading is an activity you look forward to all week, but the adventure is more enjoyable when your vehicle is prepared for the terrain. Rough terrain on the trail can send you to the repair shop more often if your truck is not fitted with appropriate tires and off-road components. You can find numerous tire brands online and spend hours researching, or you can examine this list for the best affordable off-road tires available.

All Terrain Tires

Most of the off road tires manufactured today are all-terrain tires. They perform well on the highway and the trail. All-terrain tires can handle mud runs, but when you spend most of your time in the mud, you can purchase mud tires for better control and handling. If you decide to add a larger tire, you’ll have to check the clearance carefully to ensure you do not need a lift kit, new wheel parts or suspension upgrade.

BF Goodrich LT285/65R18 Tire

These 33” tires give your truck a more aggressive look, and they’re designed to improve the vehicle’s steering response, traction and cornering control. The LT285 features Shoulder Lock technology and a dual-compound to enhance traction control in rough, uneven terrain. The three-ply polyester carcass has a reinforced sidewall to prevent punctures and bruises.

Mickey Thompson 37×12.50R17LT Tire, Baja Boss

Whether you’re driving through mud or tearing through the snow, the Baja Boss can give you the control you need on any surface. Mickey Thompson added a new silica-reinforced compound to the tire’s construction to extend the service life and allow it to function in multiple weather conditions. The asymmetrical tread reduces noise, and the patented Extreme Sidebiters technology gives the tire exceptional puncture protection.

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Mud Tires

If you use your vehicle primarily for off-roading, the mud tire is your best option. Unlike all-terrain models, mud tires have larger, deeper treads that scoop away mud, rocks and debris. They’re not designed for extended trips on flat roads, but they’re invaluable on the trail.

BF Goodrich 33×12.50R17 Tire, Mud-Terrain KM3

The KM3 features BF Goodrich’s patented Terrain-Attack tread design to plow through soil and mud while delivering exceptional control and traction at any approach angle. The tire’s Mud-Phobic Bars act as a self-cleaning system to remove dirt and rocks from the treads, and the CoreGard Max technology reinforces the sidewall to protect it against tears and punctures.

Maxxis 35×12.50R17LT Tire, RAZR MT

With their experience in off-road racing, Maxxis is a top producer of premium, affordable mud tires. The RAZR utilizes a new chemical filler that improves its resistance to chips and tears. Its tread pattern features deep center blocks to improve traction control in muddy conditions, and the innovative mud ejectors keep the treads clean and enhance the tire’s performance in the rough. It comes with a 44,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Before ordering these 35” tires, be sure to check the JL Rubicon tire size to ensure a proper fit.

Upgrading your truck with a new set of all-terrain or mud tires can improve your truck’s trail performance and protect the vehicle from damage. For the best deals on tires, you can visit an online 4×4 parts dealer.

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