Breaking New Grounds in the Agriculture Sector with Airtel 5G

Charlotte Miller

Breaking New Grounds in the Agriculture Sector with Airtel 5G

Technology is the force that bridges the gap between the present and future of human existence. This is how humans have progressed – Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the IT Revolution in the 20th century, and the 5G Revolution in the 21st century. Yes, we are heading towards an era powered by the 5G technology, which will be the cornerstone for advancements in cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, and Robotics. This will ensure that we move towards a more seamlessly connected world. In fact, the 5G technology will drive the future growth of businesses and the overall economy by opening new avenues for finding solutions to augment production and make innovations. 5G is the pivot around which all these path-breaking technologies will revolve because only 5G offers the magnificent internet speed and connectivity to nurture and utilize them.  

Airtel is the one at the helm of India’s 5G revolution, offering a homegrown solution for next-gen internet technology, with a robust network to support the digital transformation of the economy. Airtel showed the power of 5G through its presence at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022. At the exhibition were some of the most mind-boggling and spectacular things that 5G can do in combination with budding technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, and Robotics to reimagine a new normal for different sectors and industries in the Indian economy. 

High speed and lack of disruption of the 5G network connectivity promises to transform business operations and processes across different industries. From Agriculture to Healthcare, Gaming, Education, Manufacturing, and many more—every single sector of the economy is going to benefit through the seamless connectivity and high-speed data transfer of the 5G network technology.  

Healthcare, Education, Smart Farming, Manufacturing, Mobility, Gaming, Sports and Entertainment, Connectivity, Data Center, Logistics, and 5G connected car are some of the industries whose revolutionary use cases were presented. Not just that, sectors like advertising, gaming, mobility, workforce collaboration, disaster management, banking, and surveillance services will be further improved and benefitted through 5G. The possibilities of using 5G technology to transform the digital world are limitless.

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Smart farming will be the new normal 

Agriculture is the biggest employer in the Indian economy. But, my experience of interacting with farmers and agricultural scientists suggests that most of the workforce and landowners engaged in agriculture often make poor decisions due to the lack of knowledge and unpredictability of certain variables like diminishing soil fertility and rainfall patterns.

However, having witnessed the first-hand use of 5G connectivity to improve agricultural processes does give a glimmer of hope. Airtel’s 5G connectivity is being used to power a set of AI cameras and sensors on agricultural fields that will relay real-time information about all relevant metrics including the moisture level in the soil, soil quality and type, suitability of certain crops, and unforeseen dangers like rodents, etc. High internet speed and transfer of several gigabytes of data on a real-time basis will eliminate the issues of information lack and unpredictability in agriculture. Combined with basic information about farming, 5G could make agriculture a data-driven, AI-powered sector.  

5G connectivity will herald an era of smart farming, better decision-making, and enhance farmers’ income, which today is hard to imagine. Yes, it be true as 5G can enhance the knowledge and tools that farmers use in the cultivation process today. Farmers can use fertilizers, pesticides, and organic manure that are more suited to their cultivation goals, long-term soil sustainability, and climatic conditions. They can also benefit from improved knowledge of the soil composition and crop patterns for their land. 

Through 5G connectivity, we are imagining an unprecedented world where hundreds of thousands of sensors transfer real-time relevant data for the success of crops and yield growth.  

Undoubtedly, 5G is going to make farming smarter by enabling sensors and AI cameras with high-speed internet across the agricultural plots. This will give precise information about the health of crops, fertility levels of the soil, moisture level of the land, and any unpredicted dangers to the crop growth. This data can also be utilized for predicting if targeted crop yield for a particular season could be achieved. So, a farmer will no longer need to work on instinct and make uninformed decisions that could hamper the overall goals. 

Agriculture ensures the very survival of humanity. And 5G holds the power to change its operation for the better. With the backing of high-speed internet and easy access to relevant data, agriculture could become a target-oriented profession without any trace of uncertainty. 

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How will 5G impact agriculture?