Building An ADU Yourself To Help Your Community

Charlotte Miller

Building An ADU Yourself To Help Your Community

ADUs are popping up everywhere it seems in LA. They are becoming more and more popular in other states too. Their popularity is due to a number of factors, with a big one being how they can help others. Here is why building an ADU yourself can help your community by offering affordable housing.

ADUs Provide Affordable Housing

The homeless population in many cities seems to be rising more and more as the years go on. A big issue with this is the minimum wage being below the living wage in most places. These living wages are based on how much it costs to survive in a city, including how much it costs to have somewhere to sleep at night.

By building an ADU, you are building an affordable housing option for many of these low-income families that would be on the streets otherwise. Your tiny home allows them the chance to have somewhere to call their own.

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Can You Still Make Money By Offering Affordable Housing?

When calculating your ADU construction costs, you might be worried that it won’t be a profitable adventure for you to partake in. However, there is a multitude of reasons why you should build the ADU that don’t include your community (although doing it for others is a good thing too).

Making A Profit

For starters, it will be profitable in the future. No matter how much you charge renters, eventually, you will begin making a profit off of your ADU. So don’t worry too much about that part.

Also, ADUs are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than regular housing. As a result, they cost a lot less to upkeep. Your heating and electricity bill for the ADU will be significantly less than that of your homes. Making it quite affordable to pay for.

Increasing Value Of Your Home

Secondly, ADUs significantly increase the value of your home. Therefore, if you ever decide to sell your property to someone else, you will get a lot more money than you would have had prior to building the ADU.

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