Business experts say that these 4 trends will change industry

Charlotte Miller

Business experts say that these 4 trends will change industry

1 – Music Industry

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2 – Subscription model

The offer of services in the subscription model has grown every year, making the idea of ​​purchase gradually break away from the idea of ​​possession: the consumer no longer pays to acquire, but to access and experience.

3 – Delivery of everything

The model in the customer shopping experience is as (or more) fundamental to the business as the digital presence.

4 – Introspective Tourism

Introspective tourism is related to the growing desire in the population to make “rural retreats” and spend seasons in quieter and more isolated places, especially when surrounded by nature. This movement creates a great opportunity for small businesses in these areas, with the potential to strengthen the region’s economy.

Online marketplace hype cools as brands embrace direct-to-consumer (DTC) commerce

2021 was the year of digital marketplaces. In 2022, on the other hand, companies will realize that not every brand is well placed on this channel. Online marketplaces are the right choice for tech giants and well-established retailers, but not for the distribution of all branded products. Companies that offer their items on digital marketplaces lose control of the buying experience, fulfillment and much more. In 2022, brands will discover how much better it is to sell their products directly. In this way, they address their customers themselves, personalize the shopping experience and bypass intermediaries and the costs they would estimate.

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The importance of consistent growth in the technology market

On the world average, the advance was 11%. The reason is one: today, virtually every business needs technology. The best performance was in the hardware segment, which showed an increase of 48.6% in revenue and reached R$ 125.5 billion. The software area soared 42.5%, to R$ 40.6 billion. Cloud services, in turn, rose by 36.7% and reached R$22.6 billion.

The impact of technology on companies

The use of technological solutions has generated significant advances for companies that seek to act more precisely in the market and improve their profitability. In this respect, the intelligent use of data has proved to be especially relevant on multiple fronts in the technology market. 

In digital marketing and customer prospecting, for example, the strategic use of data can improve sales and market analysis, generate leads smarter, and find new ways to grow your business.

The technology also supports companies to protect themselves through compliance systems, which make it easier to check associates, analyze the reputation of potential partners and monitor the risks to which the company is exposed.

Likewise, companies are more likely to protect themselves from fraud with more advanced digitized identity and background check tools. Cross-referencing with a database of known fraudsters is instantaneous and makes the job of onboarding customers and partners much easier.

Even in legal analysis the technology has proven useful. The data makes it possible to efficiently manage processes and predict losses and gains. It is also possible to more easily identify procedural fraud and protect yourself from risks with a holistic view of the scenario.

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