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Can I sue the government for an injury I sustained on its property?

Even though it is not always obvious, we spend much time on government property. Many of the venues we often visit daily are held by public entities and agencies, from public libraries and school campuses to social services offices and government buildings. But what occurs in California if you are hurt while on public property? 

It might be intimidating to bring legal action against a body or organization of the government. If you want the procedure to go more smoothly, hire a Los Angeles premises liability attorney to ensure you get the guidance and consideration you need throughout your case.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against the State of California for Damages Sought on Public Property?

Yes, in a nutshell. Government Code 835 of California states:

A California resident injured on government property may be eligible to file a personal injury claim since they can “hold a public entity accountable” for their injuries. It is crucial to remember that a public organization or agency must have had sufficient time to assess the dangerous state (or be made aware of it) and take the necessary precautions to protect visitors from being held accountable for injuries caused by it.

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According to California Government Code 811.2, a “public entity” is one that:

You have six months following your accident to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the state of California. Additionally, you must file a notice informing the defendant of your intention to point (a personal injury attorney can help with this process).

You know that you have the right to file a lawsuit against the State of California if you are hurt while on a public entity’s land, and you know what a public entity is.

How Do I Bring a Personal Injury Claim Against the State of California?

You must first notify the organization or entity accountable for your harm with a “notice of claim” before you may bring a lawsuit against the state of California. A notice of claim must be submitted to the organization or entity you want to suit or seek damages from within six months of the date of your harm. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in submitting the notification.

While filing a notice does not obligate you to sue the contested entity or agency, it effectively preserves your right to do so.

You won’t be penalized if you decide not to pursue a lawsuit following the filing of a notice. As a result, if you think you might wish to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, it’s generally a good idea to file a statement.

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