Complete Information About the Yiwu Sourcing Market

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Complete Information About the Yiwu Sourcing Market

Known as the “Capital of Commodities in China,” Yiwu is the largest commodities trading city in the country. Each year, nearly 600,000.0 people visit Yiwu in search of wholesale goods. At 13,000, Yiwu’s foreign population is the largest in all of Zhejiang province. You must have heard of Yiwu and Yiwu Market if you’re interested in Chinese imports. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of what Yiwu market is.

Does anyone know what happened to yiwu?

In the heart of China’s Zhejiang Province, the city of Yiwu serves as one of the province’s four regional hubs. Further, it serves as the primary hub for the distribution of commonplace goods. From its humble beginnings as a Yiwu international trade market for “trading chicken feathers for sugar,” Yiwu has grown into a major hub for international commodity exchange. Yiwu considers both domestic and international trade, and maintains trading partnerships with over 200 nations.

Direction to Yiwu:

In the event that there are direct flights, you can fly straight to Yiwu Airport. If there are no direct flights from your country to Yiwu, you can always fly to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, or Ningbo and then take a high-speed train or bus to get there. It’s easy to travel to these cities from Yiwu. Some services even offer a shuttle transfer to and from the airport.

Commerce hub of the world: Yiwu (Futian market)

If you’re looking for a China sourcing agent of the Yiwu market, go no farther than Yiwu International Trade City, the biggest and most well-known of all yiwu marketplaces. Many international visitors confuse Yiwu market with Yiwu International Trade City. Since the present site of Yiwu International Trade City is the old Futian Village, the locals of Yiwu will refer to it as “Futian Market.”

Four generations of work have transformed the Yiwu commodities market from a modest department store bazaar with a few hundred merchants to a bustling international trading metropolis with 70,000 traders.

Production Materials International Market in Yiwu

In 2013, the 750,000-square-meter Yiwu International Market of Production Materials opened, boasting a total of 4,000 vendors. Mechanical goods, lights, and leather hides, skins, and trimmings are what buyers here are after most. Fabricating and packing machines, printing and packaging machines, sewing and knitting machines, injection moulding machines, floral accessories, etc. are all examples of mechanical items.

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Where and how to find products at the Yiwu Market

The Yiwu Market: Where to Find Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Yiwu Shopping is a mobile application that provides access to Yiwu, China’s wholesale markets and their respective supplier directories. When planning a trip to Yiwu International Trade City, it is recommended that you first use the Yiwu Shopping APP to locate potential suppliers, before making the trip to the city itself to make your purchases in person. You may even hop from store to store within the same general product category.

Identifying Genuine Yiwu Market Suppliers and Manufacturers

The first thing you may do is browse the available product categories. A store selling exclusively plastic cups is likely a factory. A shop that sells both paper and plastic cups in addition to glass and ceramic options is likely to be a distributor.

Second, you may check with the manager to see if he has any factory images or a copy of the manufacturer’s business licence. Although many stores will gladly demonstrate this technique for you, not all of them will. It is therefore preferable to base evaluations on conversations had by both parties.

Dealer versus Manufacturing Facility

The factory has the upper hand in terms of both price and timing of delivery. Additionally, the manufacturing facility is happy to accommodate any requests for labelling or personalization. Large orders of a single product type with specific customization needs require the use of a factory.

Most suppliers have a network of factories that work together, allowing them to seamlessly combine output from different facilities. Due to their ability to consolidate orders from multiple clients before sending them to the manufacturer, their minimum order quantity requirements are relatively low. You should look for a supplier if your order volume is low, your product selection is broad, and you don’t need any major modifications made to the products.

Instructions for bringing goods from Yiwu to your country

Products purchased at the Yiwu market can be shipped to your country via sea, rail, or air.

By sea

Transportation by sea is the most popular mode of transportation. Because Yiwu is not contiguous to the sea, there is no port. Ningbo port is used for the bulk of shipping. However, you need not fear; Yiwu has a well established, complementary transportation services sector. Many buying brokers provide comprehensive services, including shipping, so you just have to deal with them once. On the other hand, you may do it alone and hire a freight forwarder.

Transportation through Rail – “YiXin Europe” Train Route

From Yiwu (west railway station), China, trains to Europe go through Alashankou port in Xinjiang. Traveling from Kazakhstan via Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and France, the train finally arrives in Madrid, Spain. A total of 21 days passed.

The “Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe” Train Route is a more time-efficient mode of transport than the alternative, shipping. Shipping from Yiwu to Germany by rail takes roughly 22-30 days, whereas shipping from Ningbo port by water takes 35-45 days.

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What is Yiwu wholesale market?