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DayZ Tips and Strategies to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Most gamers consider DayZ as one of the most brutal and uncompromising games. In the zombie apocalypse, everything becomes more complex, and the only sure thing is death. You will be dropped in the fictional world of Eastern Europe in front of an all-consuming zombie outbreak. Your only focus will be survival, be it alone or with friends. No matter what you choose, the odds will be against you.

So, if you are a beginner, you will find all these perplexing. Even for seasoned players, DayZ Zombie Apocalypse can be tricky. If you want helpful tips and tricks to survive this brutal game, this article will be handy. But the greatest thing you must understand is that surviving the Zombie world can be really fickle. A simple error can get you instantly killed. So, this is basically a repeated trial and error method. But, there are some valuable tips that you can use to survive a few more minutes and make a significant change.

Tips for DayZ Zombie Apocalypse

  • Death is certain

In DayZ Zombie Apocalypse, survival is our first and foremost goal. With that being said, you should know that death in this game is inevitable. At some point, you are going to die, so do not stress much over it. 

If you are a beginner, things will go wrong with you at the beginning. Be prepared to deal with those and learn from your mistakes. You will be struggling to get your grip on this game. So, do not get scared of failures. Learn to enjoy and embrace it. The more you try, the clearer your understanding regarding the land and plot of DayZ Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Save your energy

By checking your core status, you will understand your condition in terms of food, water, health, and temperature. It will also show if you are suffering from any disease. With every resource, you can see an arrow indicating it’s level. So, you can check when your resources are decreasing and take the necessary steps. 

Doing any task will reduce your food and water level, and if anything drops down to red, your health will get affected. The most energy-draining thing for you is sprinting. So, avoid it as much as possible. This is one of the most beneficial and Undetected DayZ hacks.

  • The server selection

In DayZ Zombie Apocalypse, you can choose any of two servers. One is the persistent server, where things remain the same even if you leave the game, the other is the non-persistent server, where every change you have made will be gone once you have left the game. 

It can be an issue when you are planning to build something like a tent. In the non-persistent server, whatever you build will only stay as long as you are on the server.

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  • Food search

Like every other game, water and food are two of the essential things to keep you alive. When you are at the coast, you should check all the boats for food and water. If you find none, you can head to the island and check the houses. If you cannot find any food or water, be sure that someone else has visited that place before you. No food or water means you have to restart your game. 

  • Go further to get better items

You are most likely to start this game on a coast. All previous players usually empty the coats. So, you need to go further to get better stuff. Here, skipping the first building you see is advised as anyone traveling before must have picked every essential. So, it will just be a waste of time. 

  • Grab a weapon

As you join the game, you are expected to find some fruit to keep you full. But the next important thing is getting a weapon. You are always at risk in DayZ Zombie Apocalypse. So, check all the garages, sheds, and warehouses to find any useful tools. Even a pipe or a bat can be used as a weapon. 

  • Find a backpack

You can get a backpack from garages and houses. If you are failing to find one, understand someone else has taken those before you. You can also use tents before heading into the woods. In the beginning, you may get a dry bag backpack or hiking backpack. In later stages, you can craft your backpacks.


These are some of the most worthy tips that will help you to survive the world of DayZ Zombie Apocalypse. Use all these strategies to improve your game. Last but not least, keep your hopes up and stay focused to conquer this world of the dead. So, keep practicing and enjoy this adventurous game.

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