Diablo II Resurrected

Charlotte Miller

Diablo II Resurrected: Diablo & Sanctuary of Chaos Boss Guide

At the end of Act 4 of Diablo 2 Resurrected awaits the Lord of Terror himself. Reaching and then summoning him is not going to be a cakewalk. Here is a walkthrough to help you, with tips and tricks to put a temporary end to his reign.

Diablo is truly a highlight of Diablo 2 Resurrected, both for players who have mastered Diablo Classic, not to mention the fact that he was the game’s final boss for a while. But it’s mainly the fact that Diablo is much more difficult than previous bosses like Mephisto (if you’re not playing an D2R OP build – utplay.com/diablo-2-resurrected-news/sorceress-build-tag, like Hammerdin for example), which makes it a separate fight, it doesn’t need the Duriel’s gimmicks that kill you while charging or chase you in a small area. He prefers to disintegrate you with his breath which would make a dragon jealous. Fortunately for current players, some nerfs were applied to this boss at the time during the various patches to make it a little more accessible, especially in melee.

Chaos Sanctuary

You will have to open the five seals in the area to reveal Diablo. Three of the seals will cause a fairly formidable mini-boss to appear that you will also have to kill so that Diablo can appear. Be aware that luring them out of the Shrine of Chaos also works, so if you’re having trouble, especially in your next Nightmare or even Hell mode games, that’s an option.


  • Having good fire resistance will greatly reduce the difficulty of combat and reduce the need to constantly gobble potions. But beyond that, it is above all the resistance to physical damage that will help you in this fight, if you have the opportunity to have it, since the majority of his techniques integrate damage of this type. Diablo is quite hard to hit, plan enough Attack Power on your gear if you’re not playing a caster.
  • Stock up on healing and mana potions, preferably before you lose your gold. You risk consuming a gargantuan amount if the fight goes badly. Thawing potions can be useful to avoid certain combos too.
  • Also, don’t forget the many city portals, opening one at the entrance to the level before going to face it will allow you to recover your body very quickly in the event of death. It can also allow you to run away and heal yourself in town for a free heal. You also risk consuming more portals than usual since it is possible to use them to escape the bone prisons.
  • Your mercenary has very little chance of surviving long on this boss unless he is really well equipped with the best Diablo 2 Resurrected Items. If you can’t keep him alive with a few potions, mourn and wait until you win to bring him back to life. If you play a summoning Necromancer, plan a Fire Golem so you don’t find yourself too alone, since it will decimate your army.
  • Having a mobility technique like Leap or Teleport (if your class has one) will make combat much easier.

Weaknesses and resistances

Diablo has 33% resistance to elements on normal difficulty and 50% resistance to poison. It has no resistance to physical damage or magic. It has no particular vulnerability. So you don’t have to worry about this.

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Diablo is a big dangerous brute at any distance, he hurts a lot in melee and he has many spells:

  • Fire Nova: A rather painful spell that hurts a lot if you don’t have fire resistance. Like Andariel’s poison nova, it starts out as an unbroken circle around him, but as it moves away gaps appear between the flames, which can let you jump in between. But whether it’s because you’re in melee or lack reflexes, it’s better to have fire resistance.
  • Firestorm: Diablo will throw homing pools of flame in your direction if you are at range, again you have to dodge them laterally.
  • Lightning Storm: Diablo’s breath weapon is particularly scary, it will create a long stream of lightning across the screen, then Diablo will spin around to follow you with its breath weapon when you try to avoid it. Suffice to say that you have to run or use an escape technique to get out of it urgently on pain of death. Having a shield and lightning resistance can help mitigate its damage. An important change made to this spell compared to its original version is that it cannot hit you if you are in melee. Take the opportunity to attack him!
  • Wall of Fire: Spawns flames on the ground that deal heavy damage if you stay inside. This is only a problem if you are a prisoner of bone prison.
  • Icy Hand: Diablo’s hand will glow with a bluish glow, which will inflict quite painful magic damage (not frost) and slow you down for 8 seconds. Besides the damage, this will create a potentially deadly combo with other spells that you will then find difficult to avoid. Thawing potions can save your life in this case.
  • Bone Prison: Similar to the Necromancer spell, this will lock you in a physical prison made up of bones. Like the icy hand, it is very dangerous since it exposes you to other spells, including walls of fire and a lightning storms. This will surely need some D2R Ladder items to upgrade in the 2.4 patches. You might feel what you did to Mephisto, monster! If you don’t have a teleport or equivalent to escape, you have several options. The first is to simply attack the bones and destroy them, but the time it takes can prove deadly. The other option is to just open a town portal and escape, returning through the portal should normally spawn you outside of the prison.

Unless you have an overpowered character, this should be a tough fight. You will have to use the good old method of hit and run, that is to say, attack and then flee to heal yourself while dodging his spells. It will then be a question of persistence on your part.

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