Charlotte Miller

Different Types of Pillows: Choose What’s Right for You


There are all sorts of different types of pillows on the market these days. Some are better for certain positions, while others are meant for people with allergies or joint problems. If you’re having trouble finding the right pillow, this guide will help you figure out what to look for. Read on to learn more!


Feathers are a cheap filling for pillows compared to the down. Feathers are made from the topcoats of ducks and geese. They’re a tough, soft and comfortable material. By themselves, they aren’t particularly comfortable, and so manufacturers often mix down with feathers to make an extra comfortable and cost-effective cushion. The feathers are clumpy which is why feather pillows require regular fluffing to keep them high and comfy. Furthermore, feathers may poke holes in the fabric, and at times emit a strange scent.


Down is a soft and luxurious material made from goose and duck underbellies. Although the material is hypoallergenic, it’s still not recommended in the event that you are allergic to both ducks and geese. Down pillows require regular fluffing however they’re extremely sturdy and flexible. It’s a cozy and warm pillow filler, particularly on cold winter nights. While many sleepers favor down pillows, they aren’t comfortable, as opposed to latex or memory foam. 

Some companies mix down with regular feathers to provide better support, but the blended pillows aren’t as soft and warmer. When you are looking at pillows made of down be sure to consider their fill power or the quantity of down inside the cushion measured as cubic inches. The fill strength of at least 600 is the ideal choice for top-quality durable down pillows.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam cushions can be used to relieve pain and also contour nicely to your neck and head. The material reacts to your movements quickly and gently cradles your curves. Certain memory foam pillows emit the chemical smell known as “off-gassing,” but certified foams eliminate the smell.

There are two types of memory foam pillows that block and shred. It is made up of broken pieces of polyurethane. It is sometimes mixed with polyfill. The foam pillows that are made of it are soft and moldable which means you can alter pillows to fit any position for sleeping, however, they require regular fluffing. You must know how to fluff a pillow.  Memory foam blocks are hard solid pieces made of polyurethane. It isn’t clumpy like other pillows and is extremely comfortable.


The latex foam fills the mattress with a breathable, soft, and dependable filler. It is a great relief for pressure points and is impervious to mold, dust mites, and mildew, ensuring that the environment you sleep in is safe and free of any contaminants. Latex comes in both shredded and block forms that have the same characteristics as memory foam that is shredded and blocked. However, if you suffer from an allergy to latex then this fill isn’t a viable option. You may prefer memory foam.

Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows have become a growing trend in the sleep market for some time, probably due to their antimicrobial properties and their ability to absorb moisture. The majority of bamboo pillows are composed of shredded memory foam with the bamboo viscose shell giving you the advantages of a shredded memory foam pillow along with the cooling qualities of bamboo.


The cotton fill is a regular material used in all kinds of bedding and textiles because it’s inexpensive and easy to maintain. It’s breathable and soft, however it doesn’t conform to the neck and head well. It becomes less firm over time, and it becomes flat. Regular fluffing can help prolong the life of your pillow. As cotton ages, it is more susceptible to moisture absorption and the build-up of mildew.


Innerspring pillows have an inner layer of steel springs as well as memory foam, or an outer layer of polyester. They’re designed for additional neck and head support as innerspring mattresses are breathable, ensuring they stay cool. Because of their intricate construction, innerspring pillows can be costly.


The gel is not a stand-alone material, but it is infused or layered with other materials, typically memory foam. The refreshing feel of the gel also helps to reduce pressure and helps relieve neck discomfort. Gel-infused pillows generally provide a constant firmness; they don’t require air-brushing and are hypoallergenic.


Wool is highly soft, breathable, and soft filler. It is available in 100% wool or mixed with other fillers, however, 100 percent wool is the most fluffy. Vegans might not want to purchase wool products as wool is made from sheep. Wool pillows aren’t quite as popular as other pillows, mostly because they’re pricey and only dry-cleanable.


Microbeads also referred to as unexpanded polystyrene beads are soft pillows that conform to your shape. A lot of neck pillows made from horseshoes have microbeads as they offer an excellent amount of support when you sleep upright.

Microbeads are breathable and cool However, they also carry the risk that your pillow will tear and the beads spread all over. They’re also not an eco-friendly option for fillings because scientists estimate that it will take around 500 years for polystyrene’s biodegradation.

Natural latex is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Be sure, however, that your pillow is made of 100% natural latex as it is more robust, comfortable, and sustainable than synthetic or blended latex.


So, which pillow is the best for you? It really depends on what you need and how you sleep. If you’re not sure, it might be a good idea to try out a few different types of pillows to see which one gives you the best night’s sleep. Not only will you feel more rested, but you may also notice that your neck and shoulders don’t hurt as much when you wake up in the morning.

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