Differentiating factors between cloud and dedicated server hosting
Differentiating factors between cloud and dedicated server hosting

Be it cloud or dedicated server hosting, either of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although server hosting pricing becomes the deciding factor, still there are many other factors that should be put into consideration. Most people select the hosting type that lies within their budget but forget to check all the factors and whether all their business purposes are solved or not.  

Cloud server hosting plans are always cheaper than dedicated server hosting. People fall for the prices of cloud server hosting and in the end increase their workloads. On the other hand, cloud hosting also allows users to build their websites on a pee-integrated platform that offers scalable resource allocation.  

There are many other factors that must be put into count before selecting the hosting plan for your business. The overall costing for a cloud server is majorly contributed by hardware virtualization. Whereas a dedicated server cost majorly involves the costs of isolated RAM, CPU, storage, dedicated security setup, etc. amount of hardware resources as well as advanced software to run, that’s why it is costly.   

There are elastic cloud solutions that can support a higher level of web traffic than your traditional dedicated server. Still, you might need a dedicated server to keep your bulky website online 24*7. If all of this is a bit confusing then we have listed a set of factors differentiating between dedicated and cloud server hosting.  

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Differentiating factors in Cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting

A cloud server costs up to 300 $ per month which sounds pretty cheap for business owners. But an on-premise server cost around 1500 $. The difference in costing is due to the added costs of scaling needs, administration and staffing costs, etc.   

The hosting experts can provide a clear estimation of the server costing as per your business needs. They suggest the most suitable plan for your website. But before consulting a hosting expert it is very important to go through these factors to come with a calculated decision-

  1. Compliance- Compliance needs and workloads changes with the type of industry you are working in. Depending on the compliance needs and workloads one should decide between a shared cloud server and a dedicated server.

There are organizations that have some regulatory needs and costs increase accordingly. Companies should take care of their regulatory needs as your hosting plan can lead to escalated costs in the long run if not chosen accordingly. A single regulatory failure can lead to serious repercussions and so must never be ignored. 

  1. Configuration and support needs- Some businesses need constant management and proper provisioning for scaling up. Such businesses that require scaling frequently, find cloud servers better than dedicated servers. But businesses that are overloaded with workloads are believed to work better within a dedicated server environment. To work with an on-premise server, you need to have the expertise and a reliable IT staff. To run an on-premise server, you must build or have in place a brilliant responsive data vendor. For situations like these, a dedicated server works best as they ensure constant provisioning updates.   

If your company does not want to hire an additional workforce, then you must rely on outsourcing a cloud server hosting service. Outsource a cloud server hosting service will ensure better performance, cost reduction, and top-notch security along with guaranteed growth. But to get all your tasks done, you need to select the right and authentic vendor.   

  1. High I/O and bulky databases– Running a massive database comes up with a lot of problems and challenges. Such massive databases and escalated workloads have to deal with high input/output operations. For such heavy database-based website or application needs a dedicated server for smooth working. A dedicated server in India will coasts you way more than a cloud server but is needed for such heavy database workloads to decrease the overall costs in the long run.

Hence it is important to consider workload demands of your business and then decide accordingly. Sometimes, a dedicated server might cost you lower than a cloud server in the long run and you can attain better results.

  1. Managing consistent demands– Once your business product is live then you need to be on your toes 24*7. The demand can start to grow instantly and in no time it can go unprecedented. Your business needs to be prepared for such consistent demands and how they can be managed.  

Such unprecedented demands can only be met with the help of a dedicated server. Then why paying more on a cloud server hosting plan when they cannot meet your unprecedented demands. Hence, a company whose demands are going up unprecedentedly must opt for a dedicated server without putting any second thoughts. A dedicated server is also found to be a more cost-effective and efficient option for such businesses.  

  1. Timely upgrades– Running a business calls for timely upgrades to meet your customer demands on time and to keep them updated. Good hosting service keeps your business constantly updated and your customers satisfied. So, to avoid a single instance of downtime, you must consider a dedicated server and avoid all kinds of loss caused due to untimely results. 

A cloud server cannot the expectations of timely upgrades like a dedicated server. Websites dealing with video streaming go through constant high traffic and loading of voluminous data. This further calls for high demands in terms of resources. Resource-intensive websites ask for more expenditure than the expected hosted server pricing.   

All these factors mentioned are worth considering while you are deciding between a dedicated server and a cloud server. People make a mistake by considering a dedicated server as being traditional and not advanced. But the picture is just the opposite. Although cloud server hosting is more advanced but still fails at many points in front of a dedicated server.  

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There are hosting providers that provide top-notch services for both dedicated or cloud hosting. You need to first understand your needs and then select the right hosting vendor.  

Keep the factor of hosting pricing as the priority but do not forget to consider the mentioned factors. There is a variety of hosting plans available in both domains. To get answers to other hosting-related queries visit us on our official website.  


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