Dubai restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda on how futuristic technologies for restaurants can help overcome the pandemic

Charlotte Miller

Dubai restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda on how futuristic technologies for restaurants can help overcome the pandemic

Despite facing quite a turbulent time since the pandemic emerged, the hospitality sector across the globe was recovering nicely. The era of munching on bed while doing office work was seemingly over. With people shedding their apprehensions about venturing out, restaurants were beginning to receive steady business.

But that was a few months ago. The new wave of Covid infections has posed another difficult situation for hospitality businesses across the world. However, business owners are unperturbed this time. Their spirits remain unshaken as they continue to brave past every new challenge the pandemic throws their way. Wondering how? The answer lies in one simple word: technology.

The dawn of a new age

Even though the hospitality sector has remained an ever-changing one, it has evolved more than ever since the pandemic fiasco. In the opinion of Dubai-based restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda, the pandemic pushed business owners and managers to think out of the box, which is why the last one year has proven to be quite significant in terms of tech innovations.

“Everything evolves over time, and the hospitality sector has been no different. Strange times drove us to seek solutions that would prevail even if another wave of infection came our way. Since humans are the primary carriers of Covid, it was important to find ways in which human intervention could be minimised without losing the human touch,” says Nanda.

He adds, “If you look closely, over the last 18 months or so, the hospitality sector has incorporated technology-based solutions in a more effective way than ever. This has also empowered hospitality businesses not only in ensuring smoother operations when all is good in the world, but also on the darker days.”

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Tech-a-way is the new way

Sanjeev Nanda runs several prominent restaurants in Dubai, the most famous ones being Billionaire Mansion and Miss Tess. The restaurateur is a firm believer in technology being the saviour of hospitality businesses during the pandemic, and encourages all stakeholders to study and invest in the latest tech-based restaurant solutions.

Upon being asked about the key innovations that are set to change the hospitality arena as we know it, Sanjeev Nanda lists AI-enabled food intelligence as his top pick. According to the restaurant maven, the incorporation of AI in restaurant operations can prove to be particularly beneficial for all stakeholders since it reduces direct human contact while adding a personal touch to every meal through its intelligent assessment and prediction of guest preferences.

“Involving tech does not mean removing humans from the equation. It only means enhancing the efficacy of restaurant operations while ensuring that optimal safety for the guests. This is what the new ‘normal’ demands,” says Nanda.

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