Essential Elements of a Brand Guide 

Charlotte Miller

Essential Elements of a Brand Guide 

If you spend several dozen hours crafting your brand logo, message, marketing, and website, then you recognise just how important it is to get it right. You may have hired a professional to design the site and enlisted a writer to create content. All of that is good, but it isn’t enough. You can’t move forward without first investing in a brand guide

What Is A Brand Guide? 

A Brand Guide is a best practice guide on how your branding elements should be used. It’s a guide that writers, designers, and employees who use your brand elements will rely on to create marketing materials. It is generally put into book format to highlight how your brand works, the key branding elements, and how that forms your identity as a brand. 

Every Brand Guide looks different because no brands are the exact same. However, there are three elements you will commonly see in every Brand Guide. 

  • Colour Palette
  • Typography 
  • Logo Design 

You will also want to include graphic elements that are useful aside from your logo, as well as symbols, wordmarks, and brand tone. 

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Why Are Brand Guides Important for Entrepreneurs? 

You know what goes into a Brand Guide, but why are Brand Guides important? They are the key to ensuring your brand remains consistent. Whether you have a small business or a major corporation, a Brand Guide is a critical force in turning your brand into an effective tool to further your business goals. Without a detailed Brand Guide, your message could be lost at any point, whether it’s down to a designer improperly using a logo or someone who doesn’t know how to effectively use the wordmark. 

Brand Guides drive consistency. Consistency is the most important aspect of branding if you want to be recognisable to your clients and customers. Your Brand Guide places rules on how to remain recognisable and consistent in branding. 

Brand Guides set standards and rules. It’s more than providing different versions of the brand logo or including the colour palette. It sets the standards and rules around how those elements should be used and where and when to use them. It helps ensure that anyone you work with understands how to craft a winning message. 

Ultimately, it comes down to providing the tools necessary to keep your brand and branding consistent. There can be no confusion when everything is clearly spelled out in the Brand Guide, whether you have hired a brand-new employee or enlisted the services of a new marketing company.

Create Your Brand Guide 

Once you have the key elements of your branding established, you can sit down to create your Brand Guide. If you have an established brand, but no guide, it’s time to take the necessary steps to do so. It’s never too late to do the right thing for your business, and that includes Brand Guides. If you want to build your brand and maintain its power, you need a Brand Guide – it’s the hymn sheet everyone can share. 

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