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Experience These Wildlife Adventures on Your Next Visit to Singapore Zoo

Tourist spots in Singapore are not only about the Marina Bay area or Sentosa Island. This small country has many other touristy spots with incredible feats. Aside from its hustling streets, there are wildlife reserves that you can visit to replenish your energy and enjoy the wildlife adventures. One of them is the internationally acclaimed zoo; Singapore Zoo.

This wildlife reserve offers more than just animal sightseeing. There are plenty of wild adventures you can experience here. And that makes this zoo a perfect place for kids and adults to enjoy nature and have fun times together. Singapore zoo voucher for the entrance ticket can be bought online through its website or other online platform such as Traveloka. 

Even if going on vacation is not really advisable now, you can always save it for later, right? Here are some wild adventures you need to experience yourself when visiting this zoo later. P.s, it’s applicable for both adults and kids so everyone in the family can have an unforgettable trip.

  1. Feed the animal

One of the highlights of visiting Singapore Zoo is the chance to get closer to the animals and feed them with their favorite foods. You need to buy a separate ticket for feeding aside the entry ticket. No worry, it just costs you $5 and each person can have about a 5 minutes session to feed the animal.

Each animal feeding session takes place at different times and different parts of the zoo. So, you have to check the time and place for the feeding so you won’t miss it. Fancy giving carrots to the giraffe? Check out the schedule here.

  • Elephant Feeding at Elephants of Asia; 9.30am & 4.30pm 
  • Giraffe Feeding at Wild Africa; 10.45am, 1.50pm & 3.45pm 
  • Goat Feeding at Rainforest KidzWorld; 11.30am & 3.30pm
  • White Rhino Feeding at Wild Africa; 1.15pm 
  • Giant Tortoise at Reptile Garden; 1:15pm
  1. Enjoy some tea or toast with orangutans

Want to have a pleasant twist while having your breakfast here? Head over to Ah Meng Restaurant inside the Singapore Zoo, and enjoy your tea and toast with the fluffy and cheeky orangutans! Yes, you can munch your food while waiting for the star of the segment to come down to the photo zone. 

Their appearances will be at 9.30 – 10am daily and you are advised to reserve this unique dining option and pay extra tickets. But that won’t really matter because you can see orangutans up close and also take a photo with them. Where else in the world you can experience this?

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  1. Meet the stars! Pedro, the elephants and rainforest friends

Singapore zoo also has animal shows to enjoy. The showtime is in the morning and afternoon, and you are advised to check out the show’s schedule because some of it can be temporarily suspended. 

You can meet Pedro the sea lion in the Splash Safari Show. You are going to get wet with waters that Pedro will splash on you; just like its show name. But trust me, it’s a fun and wild experience of a lifetime. 

You can also witness how the big and gentle giant elephants do some attractions with their trainers. These beautiful animals are really a grand thing to see while you are here. You can also play with domesticated animals like dogs at the Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre. 

And if you fancy to meet the animal friends from the rainforest, go to the  Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre that is the main amphitheatre of the zoo to watch theatrical acts done by actors and animals with the story of how people and animals work together to protect the rainforest from the poachers. It is fun and educational, too! You won’t regret watching it (trust me).

So, are you ready to get wild and enjoy the adventurous activities here? Do not forget to plan your visit so you won’t miss any show, for example animal feeding and animal shows. One pro tip to remember, umbrella and insect repellant could come in handy to make your visit more enjoyable and fun. 

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