Funding Machine Learning Solutions with ElectrifAi Helps Brands Preserve Reputations Online

Berry Mathew

Funding Machine Learning Solutions with ElectrifAi Helps Brands Preserve Reputations Online

Brands have a responsibility to protect their reputations. This reality is especially true given the modern realities of social media and online reviews.

Today, brands need to be proactive in their approaches to brand management. Given that reputations are fragile, ever-changing and subject to many outside forces, there is a critical need for tools that monitor, listen and respond in the moment of need.

That’s where ReputationAi comes in. It’s a product of ElectrifAi, which provides extensive machine learning-driven solutions for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Companies increasingly are having to do more with fewer resources. That’s a challenge in the always-on era of digital engagement in which companies and brands need to operate. To address these issues, brands should consider funding technology solutions that can change the way reputations are managed.

ReputationAi from ElectrifAi automates reputation management for brands, delivering results quickly, in as few as 6-8 weeks. With ReputationAi, brands can complement marketers and customer service staff with actionable insights. Funding ReputationAi solutions helps with swift responses to negative comments.

ReputationAi harnesses the reputational information being generated and posted across digital spaces. ReputationAi acts as a digital sentry, monitoring channels 24/7 for information that could impact a brand. It has three main components:

  • Customer review monitoring
  • Company notifications
  • Brand reputation reporting

As ReputationAi scans customer reviews, it will flag those with negative comments. If no one from the brand responds to the review within 48 hours, it will ping a designated staff person. In doing so, brands can mitigate the impact of negative reviews with quick responses.

ReputationAi funding lets brands manage reviews at scale, an especially effective solution for brands that are trying to manage reputations with limited resources.

While brands can try to manage reputations manually, such approaches are not feasible as brands grow. There’s simply too much to manage, including reviews, blogs, social media posts, chatbot engagements, and more. Letting negative engagements sit without responses can cause more damage without any context for those submitting the content and others who may read it.

Three Benefits of ReputationAi

There are three major benefits of using ReputationAi.

Efficient Scanning of Multiple Sources

By using machine learning models, ReputationAi can collect information from multiple sources at the same time, something that can be difficult if not impossible when done manually.

ReputationAi can also sort through the massive amount of content to identify those elements that can be harmful to the brand. And as an AI technology, ReputationAi will continue to evolve and improve with more inputs and interactions with humans.

Improved Brand Perception

Branding is all about perception. If the general public believes your brand acted improperly, you can find yourself in a crisis situation. When there is no context provided by the brand, the crisis can escalate and worsen quickly.

Public perception often is based on anonymous postings on social media channels or negative reviews, which can live on forever unchecked. Brands that have worked hard on their reputations can see it all unravel in an instant.

ReputationAi helps brands get in front of the negative. It allows for rapid responses and communication through the same channels where the negative information lives.

Better Customer Relationships

Customers today want to be heard. They want brands to understand their issues and be responsive. ReputationAi allows for faster, sincere responses that can address issues and resolve issues, ensuring there is trust and deepening of the customer relationship.

ReputationAi is a powerful way to manage brand reputations and connect with customers where they are.

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