Going Adventuring In 2022

Charlotte Miller

Going Adventuring In 2022? Here’s Why You Should Consider Tent Hire in Melbourne

Heading off to the great outdoors with your family is an Aussie tradition that many of us have been deprived of these past two years so it’s no wonder that we’re busily planning trips for upcoming long weekends – tent hire in Melbourne can make the planning and packing process a whole lot easier, but it’s not something that many people even know they can do. That’s why today we’re looking at why you should consider tent hire in Melbourne for your next family adventure:

Safety First

The first, and possibly biggest, benefit of tent hire in Melbourne that we want to explore today is the safety aspect. A lot of the gear that we own spends the majority of its lifetime sitting in a garage waiting for the rare occasion that we get the chance to take it out. While this is all well and good if we regularly update gear to meet current safety standards, and properly maintain everything we own, this is a costly process and takes up a lot more time than many of us have. By turning to tent hire in Melbourne, however, you can ensure that you always have the safest gear possible.

More Flexibility 

The next benefit of tent hire in Melbourne that we’d like to explore is the flexibility of renting rather than owning gear. Not all adventures that we wish to go on are going to require the same equipment but by simply selecting what we need for a particular trip, and then returning it when we’re done, we can have the flexibility to go anywhere and do anything that our hearts desire.

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Low Cost Way To Try New Things

Speaking of being able to go anywhere and do anything, tent hire in Melbourne is a great way to try new things without making a significant financial commitment to something we may not even enjoy. Let’s be real, gear is expensive to buy and if you’re not sure that you’re going to love white water rafting, forking out for the necessary equipment is a pretty big risk. However, by renting the things you need, you remove this risk element and are free to try new activities to your heart’s content.

No Need For Storage Space

Another major perk of tent hire in Melbourne is that you don’t need to find space to house everything when it isn’t in use. Unless you’re going away every single weekend, that corner being taken up by equipment in your garage could probably find many other, more useful purposes and renting, rather than owning, your gear allows you to do just that.

Packing Is Easier

In addition to not having to store gear year round, tent hire in Melbourne also makes packing for your next trip a whole lot easier as everything will be organised by the company that you choose to rent your equipment from. This ensures that nothing gets missed and means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a tent pole or cooler again.

Less Maintenance 

Finally, because you don’t actually have to worry about looking after gear that you’ve acquired via tent hire in Melbourne apart from while it’s physically within your possession, maintenance requirements drop significantly. This leaves you with more free time to spend doing other things that you love while still being assured that any gear you do take out on your adventures will be well looked after.

With the world finally opening up and access to the great outdoors once again permitted, Aussies are heading out bush in record numbers. Next time you and your family do so, think back to this article, select a new activity to try, and head down to your local tent hire in Melbourne to get what you need!

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