How can automotive battery service be done

Charlotte Miller

How can automotive battery service be done?

It is very important to take good care of the battery of a motor vehicle when using it regularly. Moreover, if you want to extend the service life of the battery, you have to take care of the battery. 

Today we will discuss how to keep the battery in proper condition.

Keep in mind that in order to keep the car battery alive for a long time, the battery needs to be checked and inspected regularly. A battery should be cleaned and cared for at least once a month.  Then the battery will be able to maintain its own capacity. First of all you need to check the condition of the battery charge. Many batteries currently have state of charge indicators on top of them to determine the condition of the battery on the spot. Moreover a voltmeter can be used to determine the voltage of the battery. A charged Century battery must have an SG reading above 1.240 and a stable voltage above 12.5 volts. The battery top of the car should be kept clean, dry and dirt and thorns should not be allowed to accumulate on the top. The wires should be well inspected and kept clean, tight and corrosion free. A thin layer of high temperature grease can be applied to the battery cable connections to make it more secure. Note that the battery case should be carefully inspected to see if the battery is overheated or overcharged. It is very important to have enough electrolyte in the battery so it is important to check if there is enough electrolyte in the battery. If the top-up is required, the battery should not be overcharged as the fluid level increases when the battery is fully charged and there is a possibility of overflow. 


The procedure for car battery care is outlined below:

  • First you need to thoroughly clean the corrosion around the automatic battery cable and above the battery. One tablespoon of baking soda, a cup of water and a nonmetallic brush can be used to clean the corrosion on and around the battery.
  • The level of electrolyte in the battery should be checked.  If water is required in the battery then water should be added.  It is very important to use clean and distilled water to add water to the car battery. Keep in mind that the mixture of water and acid should be about 1/2 inch deep or filled.
  • Check battery charge and condition. A hydrometer can be used to test the electrolyte of each cell. 
  • To drop a new battery the wires need to be removed. A battery must be replaced with one that has a higher rating than the original.
  • The new battery needs to be removed. First negatively negative and then to disconnect the positive cable.
  • If the battery becomes older, the old battery should be set up and replaced with the new battery.

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