How Does Ghost Mannequin Service Boost Fashion Stores?

Berry Mathew

How Does Ghost Mannequin Service Boost Fashion Stores?

The Online Fashion Industry is one of the rapid-growing sectors in the world. This industry is focused on selling the latest accessories and clothes, but with several brands promoting and selling their products, this is a competitive industry. 

For an ecommerce store to do well, it would need a well-optimized site for a seamless experience and good images to showcase the products it has in stock to grab the customers’ attention. A new trend in the space of ecommerce is using Ghost Mannequins.

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What Is A Ghost Mannequin?

A Ghost Mannequin is when you see a dress that seems to be on a mannequin, but the dummy is edited out. The process is done by combining several photos in a post-production process. The result looks like a lifelike image of a clothing item on a person’s body without the body being visible.

How Does Ghost Mannequin Service Boost Fashion Stores?

The fashion industry is one of the oldest in the world, where they make clothes and market them to consumers. A common means of marketing used in the fashion industry is images of their clothes.

Images can be taken simply of the clothes like the T-shirt or Jeans, while another is having a model wear the clothes to show how it would look in person. When seeing the cloth on an individual, we can assume the product’s feel and quality.

Having the clothes worn by a person gives others a sense of what the product might look like. Still, finding a suitable model on demand takes work, especially for newcomers or those looking to allocate resources to more productive things. This is where Ghost mannequins come in.

Ghost mannequins not only reduce the time and expense of hiring a model but set your product apart from the competition, where the focus is on the clothes, and slight retouching of the images will make the photo more presentable. For e-commerce businesses, the customers don’t have the option to come into the store to view the product but rely heavily on the images provided.

To appeal to consumers and reduce returns, it is best to display the product from various angles, including all other clothing elements. The mannequin will distract customers’ attention, and apparel is usually relaxed and fitted on a mannequin before being removed post-production.

Ghost mannequin photography provides authentic and natural images and ensures that your fashion apparel’s fit, texture, and flair look perfect to attract and impress your customers. It helps online customers understand the product they are about to purchase from your fashion e-commerce clothing store.

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Why Is Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service Important?

Below is a list of benefits Ghost mannequin services provide to any fashion store:

  • Professional Presentation

Quality images help determine the quality of fashion apparel available in the store. Ghost mannequin services amplify the stock photo and remove noise to make it stand out more. This helps boost sales figures and increase the ROI of the e-store.

A ghost mannequin helps emphasize the product by removing noise so that the consumers can focus solely on the development alone. This makes it essential for businesses to invest in ghost mannequin services to streamline the process or even automate it when dealing with a bulk catalog.

  • Economic

Instead of hiring new models again and again for your fashion apparel, you must delegate it to a mannequin and later crop it out. 

Editing bulk images is a tedious task for a professional and especially when they could take days or weeks at any given time. In the field of ecommerce, when they have a large selection of products, it is more economical to use photo editing services that are catered to this industry and have solved this issue for a fraction of the cost needed for post-production.

Investing in a software service allows businesses access to more than one feature like ghost mannequin. It will have other features such as retouching, streamlining workflow, profiles, etc. 

The photo editing service can be applied to edit images of several categories of clothing, such as Blazers, Jackets, Shirts, Trousers, Tops, etc. With the ghost mannequin photo editing service, every random image can be converted into a professional and high-quality image by correcting its color, removing the mannequins from the background, and making the prints and the patterns of the cloth clear so that it can look more natural and lifelike. 

  • Simple and Concise

A benefit to using ghost mannequin photo editing is the clarity it provides and gives a better understanding to any customer regarding a particular product. Viewing the high-quality & professional product images, online customers can decide whether the fashion apparel they are looking to purchase will be a perfect fit in terms of quality, design, and style.

With just a few images, viewers can learn about the color, material, and fabric of the product they see, which makes it simpler. Providing consistency to a platform filled with several products displays a level of professionalism that consumers expect and appreciate. This ultimately provides a better customer experience, boosts the sales figures of your e-commerce store, and improves ROI.

  • Competitor’s Edge

With the aid of ghost mannequins, clothing one receives high-quality images of their apparel at a fraction of the cost and time when using professional services, which allows resources to be allocated elsewhere more productively. This assists in building an e-store that will give you an edge against competitors

In Conclusion:

Ghost mannequins are a post-production process where only the apparel is visible, allowing consumers to focus only on the product while reducing noise to the images. Ghost mannequin services are essential to get a competitive edge over others in a field rife with competition. These services are economical and time-saving while delivering a professional presentation of the products simply and concisely.