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How Great is iTop VPN?

Getting a VPN for Windows may be quite challenging, especially if you are a novice to such services. You should not stress over this, as iTop VPN has your back.

When looking for this PC utility, you have to consider several factors. They include reliability, cost and functionality. ITop VPN ticks all the highlighted factors; hence, it is among the best VPN services that you can get.

How great is iTop’s program? Many users applaud this service and recommend it to other users. To extensively tackle this question, we bring to light some of iTop VPN’s attributes.

Free Services

There are few free VPN providers around that deliver on their promise. ITop’s product is an exception as it has a free version. You can use it as a newbie to learn more about this utility’s features and how to use it.

If satisfied with how it operates, you can unlock more resources by signing up for the premium plans.

Premium Plans

As earlier hinted, you can access more resources by opting for iTop’s premium services. At your disposal are three packages: monthly, 6-month and yearly. You pick a preferable plan and enjoy the niceties the toolkit has to offer.

The yearly plan gives the finest deal, as the monthly payments are lower and you get an additional year of use.

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ITop embodies the tag of being the best free VPN for Windows when you look at its functionality. This connectivity enhancing program will make your connection 10-times fast. As such, it is an excellent companion for applications like browsing, streaming and gaming.

Still, on this program’s functioning, you will appreciate its worldwide presence. It has over 1800 servers globally, meaning you can access it wherever you are. Additionally, this feature allows you to access sites blocked according to territory.


Adaptability is a factor you should look for when looking for any PC utility, as it translates to convenience in various settings. ITop VPN’s versatility is evident in several areas.

First of all, you can use it on different devices and operating systems. ITop’s PC version supports Windows and Mac operating systems. There is a mobile version compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Flexibility also comes to play where you can use this toolkit in many areas. It comes in handy for gaming, streaming, social media use and working.

Affiliate Program

The other contributor to this VPN’s greatness is the presence of an affiliate program. It is a referral scheme, which you can get into to earn commission and boost your earnings. It is a great side job that is easy to pull.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that ITop VPN is a great program, backed by its attributes, as highlighted above. Selling points include its free services, reasonable cost for the premium plan and convenience.

With the program installed on your PC or smartphone, you can access geo-restricted sites, browse fast and be sure of device safety. Start with the free version to get a hint of its usability before upgrading to the premium plans.

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