How The Film Industry Keeps The Audience Engaged With QR Codes In Movies

Berry Mathew

How The Film Industry Keeps The Audience Engaged With QR Codes In Movies

Filmmakers are now using QR codes in movies to keep the audience engaged. With the abundance of material on media channels, the business is trying to get as much attention as possible.

Thanks to the versatility of QR code generator online software, the film industry can create more engaging materials and advertisements that drive up viewership and sales of the film.

While incorporating QR codes into a movie’s plot is beneficial, the experience before and after the film keeps your audience interested.

In this article, check out some of the most creative ways to keep your audience hooked through QR codes.

Release QR Codes In Official Movie Posters

Before even the film shows in theaters, movie posters are some of the only materials people will see about your film.

Releasing QR code movie posters can effectively keep your audience engaged with your content.

Iron Man 2, released in 2010, circulated a poster with a QR code on the arc reactor of Tony Stark—the protagonist in the film. 

When scanned, this took viewers to a website with significant material from the film, such as photographs and trailers.

While QR codes had long been around before the film’s release, it’s one of the few movies that started using QR codes in movies.

This has created a lot of noise in the media, which proved effective as the movie grossed $623.9 million at the box office.

Hide QR Codes In Movie Trailers As Easter Eggs

Another pre-release material for the film to be distributed to the public is movie trailers.

To hype the movie even further, some filmmakers strategically placed a QR code in these trailers, making the audience do an easter egg hunt.

Many films have done this method, but one of the most creative executions is Ready Player One, released in 2018. 

In the trailer, a QR code is snuck into one scene, specifically at 2:03, on the bonnet of a car. Once scanned, this led to the official website for the film.

Some fans scrambled online to find the QR code when the trailer was released. Some revealed the answer immediately, but some kept it hidden for fans to discover.

Either way, this has gained much traction online, leading to the film’s success.

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Place QR Code In The Film’s Promotional Materials

Aside from the official movie poster and trailers, filmmakers may also release other promotional materials like blogs to explain the film’s premise.

This is especially important if the film’s concept involves themes such as sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery.

Inception, a film revolving around dreams, explains the film’s fantasy, reality, and anti-reality concepts through blogs on its official website.

As the theme is already cryptic, the film’s producers took advantage of this concept by posting cryptic promotional posters throughout the US.

A QR code is placed in these materials, leading users to the blog’s landing page.

This further piqued the audience’s curiosity about the film, which proved to be effective as the film generated $825,532,764 worldwide.

Boost The Creativity In Your Film With The Potential Of QR Codes

As mentioned, QR codes are incredibly versatile. Your creativity is the limit as to what you can do to engage your audience with your film further.

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