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How to Check Legal Acumen of a Tigard Car Accident Attorney?

Making a successful compensation claim from an insurance company or another party by the victim depends a lot upon your attorney’s skills. 

Car accidents are always a complicated issue. A lawyer has to interpret the law and prove the circumstances under which the accident occurred. 

In several car accident cases, the driver or the victim doesn’t get suitable compensation. Insurance companies also settle with

a small sum of money taking advantage of various legal loopholes.  

You need to hire a Tigard car accident attorney to fight your case lawfully in a court of law. It will help you receive suitable compensation from insurance companies and the defendants.  

However, the process of hiring a lawyer is not easy. You have to check the lawyer’s legal skills first before hiring them. 

Here are some other factors to consider while hiring a Tigard-based auto accident attorney.  

Attorney Has to Find the Causes that Led to the Accident

Your lawyer has to analyze the possible causes of the accident that led to the accident. He has to explain all necessary reasons behind such an accident and prove that the accident happened because of the negligence of the other party.  

The lawyer has to frame the case in such a way that the insurance companies cannot escape from paying the compensation.  

The Lawyer Must Explain the FIR to You 

Your lawyer must be experienced enough to explain all that is mentioned in the FIR to you in simple terms. Immediately after an accident, the law enforcement agency files a report or FIR. 

The lawyer must get a copy of the same and explain all relevant points to you in lucid language. The FIR strengthens the case and compels the insurance company and the defendant to pay you good compensation.  

Your Lawyer Must Have A Proven Success Record

After an accident, you need to hire an expert lawyer who is well-qualified and knows the nuances of automobile rules. Before hiring an attorney, you need to verify whether the lawyer has enough experience in handling automobile accident cases and to what extent he’s been successful.    

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Attorney Must Be Conversant with Traffic Rules 

A large number of car accidents take place due to violations of traffic rules and road laws. Accidents usually occur due to violations of road rules. If the attorney legally proves it, the insurance companies can’t ignore paying you the compensation.   

In Conclusion

Claiming monetary compensation following an accident is a highly legal issue. It involves several factors. 

The lawyer you hire must be knowledgeable to explain the circumstances under which the accident took place together with proper justification of liability clauses. 

If the attorney lacks knowledge and fails to build a strong case in favor of the client, they may not get suitable compensation, or even if gets the compensation, the amount may be too little. Thus, it is always a tricky issue when it comes to hiring the best auto attorney for an accident-related case. Use your judgmental skills before appointing them.  

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