How to design a gear motor for LAWN MOWER

Charlotte Miller

How to design a gear motor for LAWN MOWER

Robotic lawn mowers, which are relatively new to the UK market, are gaining popularity as a hands-free alternative to regular gas and electric lawn mowers. Because a robotic lawn mower is completely automated, it can be an excellent choice for gardeners who have mobility issues, are frequently away from home, or simply dislike mowing. 

As technology advances, demand for residential autonomous robotic mowers continues to rise. The cutting blades and driving wheels are powered by brushless DC motors and gear motors, and ElectroCraft provides the perfect option in terms of physical size and torque density. The RP, RPX, and LRPX series motors, as well as the MP, MPP, and MPS series gearmotors, provide the speed, power, and efficiency needed for this demanding application.

What is a Lawn Mower motor?

In the United States and Europe, smart lawn mowers are always prominent. People are increasingly using smart lawn mowers in their everyday lives to save money on labor and boost mowing efficiency. Traditional lawn mowers, on the other hand, are huge and expensive, making them unsuitable for some regions with short grass. As a result, our clients approached us and requested that we build a transmission system for their compact lawn mowers that could efficiently cut grass in a small volume. The lawn mower motor should be able to not only move the mower but also assist it. For some complicated locations, the motor also requires a lot of torque.

Lawn Mower Motor Design

For this application, our engineer used a 45 mm planetary gearbox with a DC brushless motor. To ensure product stability, the gearbox uses an integrated shaft structure. If the market adopts the split shaft structure in general, the lawn mower is prone to the shaft falling off or other anomalies during usage. Brushless motors can function for more than 10,000 hours and produce more power than traditional brush motors. Even though brushless motors are more expensive than brush motors, it is appropriate to use brushless motors in the development of smart lawn mowers due to their superior performance.

Robotic Lawn Mower Features

Aside from being entirely automated, the finest robot lawn mowers have different characteristics depending on the model. Weather sensors, GPS navigation, and smart connection are examples of these characteristics.

The latter can make programming the mower easier because it allows you to set it up using a mobile device like a phone or tablet rather than leaning over the machine’s PIN board.

You can even check on your robotic lawn mower while you’re gone and track it if it’s stolen thanks to smart networking.

When purchasing a system in this price range, good security is critical. To start the mower, some only require a PIN code, while others have lift sensors, alarms, and a GPS tracker.

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Requirements for Robotic Lawn Mower 

Robotic lawn mowers are more complicated to set up than traditional, petrol, electric, or cordless mowers, even though they are automatic once set up.

To begin, a robotic lawn mower requires an external power source to which the docking station can be connected. When necessary, the mower will dock and recharge.

There are requirements for the docking station itself as well. It should be level and out of direct sunlight. Most require a clean area around them, usually two meters in front and one meter on each side. This can limit where the docking station can be placed, especially in a small garden.

Before selecting a robotic lawn mower, it is also necessary to examine the plan. Narrow tunnels, uneven ground, and steep slopes might cause problems for some models.

Finally, they must be installed and the boundary wire must be installed. Although robot lawn mowers are pricey, several models include installation by a dealer. They will inspect your lawn, install your boundary wire, and demonstrate how to program and use the keypad.

Cheaper mowers can be installed without the help of a professional, but the instructions must be followed to the letter for the robotic lawn mower to work properly.

Our concerns about Lawn Mower Motor

Our lawn mower motor concerns include:

  1. It involves a long lifespan.
  2. CCW and CW
  3. High torque and speed
  4. Controller
  5. Small in stature but powerful

The Benefits of a Robotic Lawn Mower

In comparison to a regular petrol or electric lawn mowers, there are several advantages to purchasing a robotic lawn mower.

These advantages include:

  • Less work for you: The robotic mower, once deployed and programmed, trims the grass infrequently. The lawn is kept neat, cuttings are thrown into the grass for nutrition, and the lawn mower returns to its dock on its own when it needs to be recharged.
  • Zero-emission: They produce no pollutants, unlike petrol mowers, because they are powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion N battery.
  • Noice proof: The mowers are also extremely silent due to the lack of an engine.

Pros & Cons of Lawn Mower 


  • Light and quiet
  • Indicators for proper setup
  • Keypad programming is simple
  • Small in stature but powerful
  • Keypad programming is simple High torque and speed
  • Long life span due to shaft structure to increase product stability
  • Intelligent programming to map your lawn in real-time
  • Worx PowerShare tools accept interchangeable batteries.


  • Add-on accessories push it over the edge of affordability.
  • It doesn’t go all the way to the lawn’s edge.
  • Set up a self-contained boundary

Lawn mower Markets

In recent years, the lawn mower industry has changed dramatically. The market is altering even further with the introduction of smart lawn mowers. What exactly are smart lawn mowers, and how are they transforming the landscape?

Lawn mowers that can be controlled remotely are known as smart lawn mowers. This may include the ability to start and stop them, create timetables, and even receive notifications when they require maintenance. As a result, they can help households save time and cost.

The smart lawn mower business is quickly expanding. By 2020, it’s expected to be worth $1.5 billion. The popularity of smart home devices is largely to blame for this development. People are increasingly comfortable controlling their houses remotely, and they want to do the same for their lawns.

What does that mean for lawn mower manufacturers? It indicates that traditional lawn mowers are losing favor. Smart lawn mowers are rapidly replacing them. Consumers will benefit from this since they will have more alternatives and good options when it comes to lawn maintenance. Smart lawn mowers are more efficient than regular lawn mowers, which is good news for the environment.

Our takeaway!

Overall, it’s apparent that the smart lawn mower business is fast expanding. If you work in the lawn care business. Being a part of us at this moment is quite thrilling. 

We hope you find the information we’ve provided above to be comprehensive and useful. 

Furthermore, to find the best lawn motor suppliers in China Doncen, please contact us or visit our website.

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