How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Charlotte Miller

How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has helped many businesses revolutionize the way they work. With so many people choosing to work from home or take advantage of flexible working, Microsoft Teams has helped people stay connected. However, could you get getting more out of Teams in your office? Read on for some tips and tricks that’ll help you get the most out of using Teams.

Communicate Clearly

Within Teams, you have the option to chat one-to-one or to create specific group chats. To work most efficiently, you should set up Teams groups, so workers can collaborate and have group discussions. You may also want to set up multiple groups for the same members, so they can keep their communications organized. For example, imagine you’ve made a group for your finance team. It’s worth having a group chat where they can speak casually, send a quick good morning message, or let others know if they’ll be away from the computer. Then, another chat for work-based questions, not general chit chat. 

Chat Away

Of course, the main thing Teams is great for is the group call features. Utilize this feature to keep up your teams morale up, especially while people are working from home. Use the video chat to check in with your employees or give out vital information and instructions. If you’re not using Teams video calls often, you’re missing out on one of the main benefits of this software. 

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Make Use of the Shared Folders 

Microsoft Teams gives you the option to create shared folders. This is a great way to share work-related documents that people may need to access regularly. Having everything in one place is efficient and will help your team to quickly find the information they need. 

Customize Your Notifications

If you’re managing large teams, having all your notifications on is a sure way to get nothing done. Constant pinging is a massive distraction. Luckily, Teams allows you to customize which notifications you receive. Simply click on your profile picture,go to Settings, and then Notifications. From here, you can choose what notifications you receive, and you can even turn them off for a period. This is a helpful feature when you need to limit distractions and just get on with work. 

Use the Calendar 

Meetings are of great importance for every business. Teams make scheduling and having meetings online incredibly easy and efficient. You can simply schedule a meeting and notify your team members, both in the same place. Any scheduled meetings will automatically be added to the calendar, and you’ll receive a notification when they’re coming up. This is an easy way to stay organized. Gone are the days of switching between applications. Microsoft Teams lets you do it all, in one place. 

If you’re not currently using Teams due to an outdated operating system, head to to upgrade. Microsoft Teams offers one of the best business communication tools out there now. Learning any new program can be a learning curve, but we’re sure once you get using all the great features, you’ll never look back.

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