How to manage your trade in forex with Naga App?

Charlotte Miller

How to manage your trade in forex with Naga App?

Trading in Forex is a process that involves speculation on the prices of currencies in order to gain profits. When trading currencies, it has to be done in pairs. Basically, a trader exchanges a particular currency for another, thus speculating on the probability of its value either rising or falling against the other currency. Now, Naga is one of the global brokers that provide online trading platforms for you to buy and sell currencies conveniently using your laptop, phone or PC.

Many traders find Naga to be a competitive and reliable social trading environment. Beginners are often advised to open demo accounts before actively participating in forex trading. Financial markets are very risky since the prices are always fluctuating 24 hours. Lets learn here to know about top forex pairs.

Discuss the popularity of Forex

Over the past few years, forex trading has become very popular due to the worldwide utilization of technology. The differences in the economic growth and national attributes brought about an uneven development of forex trading across all nations. At its inception, Forex was strictly restricted to Western countries. However, with the emergence of the age of the internet, anyone can start trading, provided you have a smartphone, laptop or PC, and have financial capabilities and knowledge. You can trade virtually using online platforms from anywhere in this world. Online trading platforms are also easily accessible on any browser you prefer.

What is the price chart, and why is it important in forex trading?

A price chart is a graphical representation of the historical behavior of the relative price variation between currency pairs. Price charts for forex pairs are a visual representation of the change in the prices of currency pairs during a particular time. Furthermore, the graphical representation illustrates the demand and supply of currency pairs. You have to learn how to read a price chart in order to identify various patterns and trends that portray continuations, entry points, exits, and reversals.

Why is the NAGA App a perfect tool for your forex trading?

NAGA offers a variety of trading instruments that you can select. With a single NAGA account, you can trade in CFDs on commodities, CFDs on ETFs, Forex, and real stocks across global markets. In addition, the NAGA app has a simple interface that is user-friendly. The app’s proprietary messenger is a convenient and suitable feature for beginners. In case of any difficulty, you can contact your personal manager for assistance.

The app also allows you to trade like a seasoned expert by emulating top traders using the copy trading feature. Alternatively, you can also be rewarded when other people mirror your trade patterns. But it is important to carry out your individual assessment of the market before making decisions.

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What Forex pairs are available in Naga?

The US Dollar is the most popular currency involved in foreign exchange transactions. Just like many other trading platforms, the USD features NAGA’s top currency pairs to trade. For novice traders, discerning the best pairs to trade might appear to be rather overwhelming. Some of the top traded currency pairs include:

  • Euro / US Dollar (EUR/USD)
  • US Dollar / Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)
  • British Pound / US Dollar (GBP/USD)
  • British Pound / Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY)
  • Euro / British Pound (EUR/GBP)

How to track forex pair prices using Naga’s price chart?

For starters, you do not have to waste time on the price chart monitoring price movement. You should identify the currency pairs you want to track and set up price or volatility alerts. By clicking the bell icon, you can get notifications whenever the prices change. NAGA lets you set the conditions to be met before you get an alert. Alternatively, you can open the NAGA price chart, monitor transactions and track the price changes.

Financial markets are very risky and volatile. Therefore, you have to be cautious when trading in forex pairs. Your choice of the trading platform also defines the ease or difficulty of the trading process. 

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