How to monetize your Instagram Account?

Charlotte Miller

How to monetize your Instagram Account?

What began as a public version of your phone gallery is today one of the most popular social media apps that constantly find a way to improve itself with new features. Apparel stores, clothing brands, food-chain businesses, and the upcoming film everyone talks about depend on Instagram for promotion. 

Despite competitors like TikTok, Instagram is still one of the most widely used social networking apps. Instagram app downloads in 2021 exceeded their previous record high by 10%. The amount of users who actively use the platform is equally impressive. There are already 500 million daily active users on Instagram, which makes sense.

Besides Instagram’s massive growth, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said at the Creator’s Week held in 2021 that the app’s goal is to develop new features that would make it an ideal platform for brands and content creators. And this is precisely what’s happening; content creators with enough followers can make up to $1000 per post. This is exciting news for talented content creators. For Instagram to be a lucrative platform, you don’t have to be a major celebrity, and many micro-influencers with thousands of followers earn a reasonable income.

You can turn your followers and engagement into money whether you’re promoting your own products, working as a brand ambassador, or searching for rewarding collaborations with brands you adore. While numerous methods exist to make money online, Instagram is adding new monetization opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Create UGC for brands to get their attention

User-generated content, or UGC, is content produced by people rather than brands and frequently features product promotion. Think about telling your Instagram followers about the things you already use and adore in your area. You stand a better chance of being noticed by the brands you follow. This can help you become a brand ambassador, get a discount, free merchandise, or other monetization opportunities. 

With only a few hundred followers, this approach is pointless. A minimum of 3,000 followers and a reasonable engagement rate are essential.  Posting images of your interests is all it takes to start gaining followers. These images should ideally reflect your personality and assist you in creating a spectacular personal brand.

You can stick to a predetermined marketing plan, but UGC can be an Instagram video, story or reel appreciate it when you stay loyal to your genuine self. Relevant brands are more likely to approach you as you post images and naturally increase your influence. However, do not only stick to sponsored posts; this approach will make your account look spammy.

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Affiliate Marketing

Sponsored posts and affiliate marketing are alike. Instead of being compensated for your post, you only get paid if viewers purchase the good or service you’re promoting. Instead, you get paid a commission if customers take advantage of your offer.

Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages, and your success depends on your target audience. While sponsored posts guarantee a paycheck, you may earn much more by promoting the proper affiliate offer. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies before determining which is best for you, or try both over time.

Launch an Instagram Shop

You can send customers to your website or provide an immersive in-app shopping experience with IG shop. If you’re selling from your store, both strategies can significantly increase the revenue from your product sales. However, since you typically can’t combine these alternatives, it’s crucial to figure out which one works best for you.

You can link your online store to your Instagram profile with an Instagram Shop. Your posts, Insta Story, Explore tab, and Shop tab on your profile are the only places where you can directly advertise your products to Instagram users. For e-commerce store owners wishing to sell on Instagram, there used to be a lot of conflicts, but not anymore. Instagram Shopping eliminates hassle, enabling customers to browse products in the app and visit your store with just a few clicks.

Obtain badges through Live Videos

Badges are an excellent method for your followers to express their support if you stream live on Instagram. Consider these as tips you can get from your audience while you broadcast. Three levels of hearts, each with a different price point, are available for your viewers to choose from when purchasing a badge during a live.

Additionally, you may create collections of your favourite products from your favourite brands using Instagram’s shopping tools. This allows customers to shop their selections and pay without leaving the Instagram app. Instagram has worked with top third-party solutions like Shopify to simplify orders and shipping. You can enhance your customers’ shopping experiences by using the platforms.

Insert ads in your videos

Allowing a brand to show advertisements throughout your videos is another option to earn money. Go to the creator account settings and turn on the in-stream video ad monetization option to set this up. After that, publish videos as usual.

How many views your video receives in the stream will determine how much money you’ll be making. On Instagram, you’ll receive roughly 55% of each view’s revenue. However, you won’t get compensated if your videos don’t adhere to the guidelines.


You don’t need a sizable fan following to earn revenue on Instagram! The key to efficient Instagram marketing is developing a strategy and producing engaging content relevant to your niche. To constantly engage your audience, you should create more and more content. 

Even with only 3000 followers, you may earn money on Instagram. As long as you maintain a high level of engagement with your followers, you can monetize your account regardless of your number of followers. Your earnings will increase if you actively engage with your followers and convert them into business.

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