How to Promote Your Brand with Custom Drinking Bottles

Charlotte Miller

How to Promote Your Brand with Custom Drinking Bottles

High-quality stainless steel branded water bottles do more than merely promote your brand name and emblem. They simultaneously promote sustainability. Consider advertising your brand with eco-friendly corporate gifts, such as personalised water bottles, if you want to be known as a company that cares about the environment.

Following are some ways to promote your brand with custom water bottles:

  1. At trade shows, provide branded water bottles

Giving away water bottles with your company’s logo is ideal during trade exhibitions. People attend trade exhibitions with the intention of meeting new clients, partnering with complementary brands, and establishing new business connections. Don’t pass up the chance to use a branded reusable water bottle to promote your business (and make a nice first impression).

  1. Encourage regional events

Giving away free reusable water bottles at neighbourhood activities is a encourage people to notice your company and remember your name. This is also a great approach to gain the confidence and loyalty of people who might become your future customers, clients, or investors if you run a small business.

You can distribute company with branded custom drinking bottles at a variety of regional events, including parades, sports activities, school functions, and neighbourhood fundraising events.

  1. Sponsorship

Have you given any thought to supporting neighbourhood start-ups, charities, sports teams, or community events? Socially conscious businesses can contribute to local communities and philanthropic causes by sponsoring events or making donations to charities. When you support an event or group, your company name will be linked to the principles of that group or event.

Although everyone needs to stay hydrated, personalised water bottle gifts are especially appropriate when supporting athletic teams or events. Everybody will appreciate receiving a reusable water bottle.

  1. Give branded water bottles to devoted clients as a reward

Do you have regularcustomers who put sizable monthly orders? With a personalised business gift, you can express your gratitude for their loyalty. For all orders above X or Y, you can send a 260 ml branded water bottle, and for orders over X or Y, a 500 ml branded water bottle. A personalised water bottle would make a useful and considerate gift for your regular clients.

Additionally, think about providing eco-friendly corporate gifts to new clients after they make a second purchase or as part of a welcome package for subscription services.

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  1. Promote the environmental cause

People can live more sustainably in their daily lives by using stainless steel reusable water bottles. Hundreds of single-use plastic water bottles can be replaced by just one high-quality food-grade stainless steel water bottle. By giving away eco-friendly branded water bottles, you can demonstrate to your clients, customers, and sponsors that the environment is important to you.

To reduce the amount of plastic trash in the office, you may also provide your staff branded water bottles. Your staff members can further promote your brand by using their new reusable water bottles on their morning and evening commutes.


Therefore, stop wasting time and money on outdated advertising strategies. Instead, use personalised water bottles to advertise your company. All of the above suggestions are practical strategies to strengthen your brand image.

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