How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic

Charlotte Miller

How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic? In PC / Windows

Background noise is really painful but How to reduce background noise on Mic? To some extend you will have a background sound whenever you are recording sound. But you can minimize the interruption to some extend. Below we have mentioned how to reduce background noise on the mic? You need to simply follow the given steps.

How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic?

You can minimize the background sound in PC / laptop and also in Mac OS. Below we have mentioned the method for both the operating systems. You just need to follow the steps

Reduce Background Noise On Mic for PC/Windows

  1. Open Control Panel in your laptop/PC
  2. Click on Hardware & Sound
  3. Click on Sound
  4. Click on Recording
  5. Right Click on Microphone Bas
  6. Click on properties
  7. Click on the Level Tab
  8. Beside Microphone, boost Slide the bar down to zero
  9. Beside Microphone Slide the bar up to the end
  10. Now you can test your microphone

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Reduce Background Noise On Mac OS 10.4.6 and above

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Sound Preferences
  3. Click Ambient Noise Reduction
  4. Tick the box beside Ambient Noise Reduction
  5. Move the dial-up & down till you don’t find the perfect balance.

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Noise Reduction Accessories

You will also find some accessories that will help you reduce the background sound when recording.

Here is a list of the same

  • Software’s

There is certain software that helps you reduce or record a noise-free recording. Mac OS also has a feature called Garbage Band that helps you edit sound. You can also install some software that would help you edit and lower the background sounds

  • Preamplifiers

Using a Preamplifier will help you ease the transition between your mic and other equipment’s

  • Power adaptors

A ground lift adaptor for your laptop powers supply can also do a great job.

  • Shock Mounts

A shock mount in your mic is also a good choice to reduce the interruptions from the tremors and vibrations

  • Windshields

A windshield that fits perfectly on the mic head will surely cut all the unwanted noise of the wind and also breathing

Tips for reducing background noise on the mic 

Below are some tips that will help you lower the background noise when you are using mics of microphones or headsets

  • Check for there are any other devices on that are interrupting
  • Switch off anything that makes noise eg: TV or Fan
  • Speak into microphone
  • Close doors and windows
  • Check for any electric cables near or across the audio cables
  • Check whether the headphones are properly plugged in
  • Try using another power socket for your device

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Why Is My Mic Getting Background Noise?

If there’s a buzzing noise it is usually a loose connection or a faulty cable. If you’ve tried replacing the cable, but are still experiencing an unusual noise, it could be a faulty microphone that has been damaged internally. Look up the manufacturer’s warranty and see if you can get a replacement or get it fixed.

Does Mic Foam Reduce Background Noise?

Microphone windshield – a foam or fur mic cover cancels out the noise produced by wind or heavy breathing. If you’re often recording outside, this is something you must have if you want to produce clear, quality recordings.

Why Is My Mic Picking Up Everything?

The sound you are trying to pick up (your voice) is too low. Try speaking louder or closer to the mic. That will cover up the other sounds.

Are You Supposed To Put Your Lips On The Mic?

While seen often in rock concerts, you should avoid it unless you are looking for a specific effect. Being too close to the mic can increase the volume and result in a distorted sound. Singing with your lips directly on the mic may interfere with your pronunciation and make you sound muddy.

How Do I Stop My Computer Mic From Making Background Noise?

To reduce sound, turn the dial on the microphone boost all the way down. Make sure to turn the microphone dial all the way up, as well. After you’ve adjusted the microphones, go to the Enhancements tabs to make sure the acoustic echo cancellation box and the noise suppression box are checked.

Is There A Microphone That Cancels Background Noise?

Shure SM7B records your voice and eliminates background noises, courtesy of its cardioid polar pattern. Shure was the brand that set the industry standards when it came to ambient noise input! It won’t record the sound of your air-con or the electromagnetic hum of your computer system.


While recording a sound many background noises interrupt and make your recording over the noise. Above we have described the setting in your laptop or pc that will help you reduce the background sound. Also, you can follow these basic things that will help you further like always wear headphones with a mic and stay away from any kind of noise whenever you are recording. Hope we have helped you in solving your query How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic?

How do I reduce background noise on my microphone Windows