How Video Can Help Boost Your SEO

Charlotte Miller

How Video Can Help Boost Your SEO

Every day, millions (if not more) of businesses and brands worldwide are trying to grow their business organically. To make their brands or businesses famous, they employ various techniques, such as TV ads, social media ads, email marketing, and whatnot. But, do all of them become successful? You will discover the answer soon.

A quick look at the video marketing statistics published by top research firms worldwide shows something interesting.

Experts estimate that, by 2022, videos will contribute over 81% of the gross consumer internet traffic. And, around 84% of consumers prefer purchasing a product or service after watching videos. Moreover, 86% of progressive businesses use video as a marketing tool. 

By now, you must be sure why a foolproof marketing plan can never be successful without including videos in your marketing strategy. And why not? All you need to do is shoot a video, edit it using an online video editor, and share it through your website or post it on social media platforms. 

But is getting clients (read, organic traffic) so easy if you market your brand through video? Not always, as the best brands move beyond simple video uploading and increase their video’s reach through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, how can you use and optimize your video to boost SEO? Read on to discover the answer and also learn about the best ways to search-optimize your videos.

Videos Make Google Happy, and You Feel the Ripple Effect

In terms of popularity, Google is the world’s #1 website, closely followed by YouTube, another Google website. Websites or videos that appear on the first page of Google search results are always more popular and clicked more than those that don’t. So, you will often find businesses employing SEO experts to figure out what needs to be done to emerge on the first page. And SEO experts might charge a hefty fee for providing their services.  

However, did you know that videos are an excellent way to book the top slot on Google’s search results page? Plus, it is a no-frills and less expensive exercise. Yes, you heard that right. 

When people search for something on Google, Google scours up two databases. The first is the content database, and the second is the video database. It first shows relevant videos and then shows relevant web pages to respond to the visitor’s query.   

Hence, if your website has a mix of content and videos, your visibility will be automatically high. And, you can further enhance your SEO efforts by uploading the video on YouTube or embedding the YouTube video link on your webpage. 

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Videos Give Green Signal to Incoming Traffic

Traffic is to a marketer what profit is to a company. Organic traffic can give your brand the right boost it needs to become successful. And videos are a superb way to boost the traffic to your website or social media channel. 

It’s a fact that people like videos more than text. Videos help you satisfy your viewers and sell your products or services seamlessly. You can target their pain point and position your product or service as the ultimate solution. 

In a Hubspot survey, 54% of consumers said they want to see more videos from the brands they like. Viewers may retain more than 90% of a message when watching a video versus 10% when reading a text. And, by posting videos on your social media account, you can expect 48% higher views. 

When Google ranks websites, it counts the number of visitors your website has received – the higher the website clicks, the better the ranking. If your website receives visitors regularly, other internet users may also find your website easily, thus boosting your SEO efforts.

Hence, since videos drive more traffic than textual content, you can expect more visitors to your website by publishing more videos. But, before picking the themes or titles of the video, do a quick search of the most famous videos on the internet and align your videos.   

Retain Visitors More to Get Higher Exposure

When Google determines the popularity of a website, it evaluates two things – the total number of visitors visiting the website and how long they stay on the particular website. Since internet users typically spend 88% more time on websites containing videos, you can retain the visitors for an extended time by including some videos on your website. However, if your website does not have videos and, even worse, if people leave the website within seconds of entering, your SEO efforts may never bear fruit.

When presented with both options, people generally prefer watching a video rather than reading a blog post. However, a Wistia survey found that videos less than 2 minutes get the maximum engagement; make it any longer, and you might lose viewers. But, if your video is more than 6 seconds and viewers have stayed until then, the drop-off in engagement might be negligible.    

Hence, by including videos, you are taking one step ahead in improving your bounce rate, enabling search engines like Google to push your website to the top of its rankings.  

Let Your Creativity Roam Freely

Videos allow you to test and boast of your creativity. You can choose a relevant, topical subject matter and test multiple ideas to make the video appealing to your viewers. An online video editor can make your task relatively easy here. 

Top-class videos are liked by viewers more, which is why marketers with a solid video marketing plan get 49% more opportunities to grow their revenue than those without any video marketing plan. You can shoot a wide range of videos like explainer videos, how-to videos, entertainment videos, product demo videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and the likes – the more the variety, the better the reach, and the better the reach, the higher the output of your SEO efforts.  

Hence, while videos are an incredible way to increase the traffic, the more the variety, the better might the results be. 

The EndNote

Videos and SEO share an inseparable bond. Research shows that you can boost the conversion rate by over 75% by including a video on your landing page. Look at your competitors to see what they are doing right and excel in your task by giving something new to your viewers every time. Once your viewers find value in the videos you share, they will come back often and make your brand popular through SEO. 

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