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Human Hair Wigs: Which are the Best of 2022?

There are more people who wear wigs than you think, but you don’t notice it, because when you get the right natural wig, you don’t notice it. Reasons for the need for a wig include medical treatment such as mild hair loss, severe alopecia, or chemotherapy. Of course, they can also be used to temporarily change your style.

According to Kameymall. “Hair is very important in terms of sociological implications. A good hair day makes people safer, more sociable, and better overall. A human hair wig is a perfect alternative to “bad hair”, whether or not you have alopecia issues. 

The most important thing

Wigs – a necessary solution for people suffering from alopecia for one reason or another; but they are an ideal addition for those who want to change their style frequently or try a new hairstyle. 

The best human hair wigs: our favorites

We know to buy human hair wigs is not an easy task. Often, we are pushed to buy them because we live in delicate situations, such as a serious illness; other times, we just want to enhance our appearance and are worried that a wig won’t look natural. We have selected four options with which you can leave your doubts behind.

Natural short hair wig

The first wig we present to you has a short and modern style, designed by professional hairdressers. The inner support or cap has no glue, but it is an elastic, comfortable, and breathable mesh that does not move while you wear it. It is made with high-quality human hair and does not cause tangles. Its density is 120% and it weighs about 100 grams. 

Human hair wig with float cut and bangs

This other option has a type size that floats above the shoulders with fringe, very fashionable. It can be dyed and bleached, as well as curled or subjected to other styling treatments. It is made with totally virgin and unprocessed hair. It is easy to comb and even makes it possible to make high mats. This human hair wig has a density of 130%.

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Natural straight long hair wig

With this wig, you can boast of having long and shiny hair that is completely straight. It is made from high-quality natural human hair that is completely virgin and unprocessed. The color of this wig is dark brown, but it can be dyed and bleached without any problem. Of course, you can also make different cuts. It has a density of 130% and weighs approximately 160 grams.

Long curly natural hair wig

Here is another wig made with high-quality curly virgin

hair, for those who want to wear long wavy hair. If you want to change its style, you can also smooth it. The beanie is made of fully adjustable Swiss lace and does not move or fall off when worn. It has a density of 130% and an approximate weight of 160 grams.} 

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About Human Hair Wigs

Although there are people who spend a lot of time researching before acquiring a wig, there are times when the need for one appears suddenly, such as in cases of illness. Whatever your situation, you may have a thousand doubts about the purchase. In this section, we will try to solve the most frequent ones. 

How to put on a natural hair wig?

As we have already told you, there are several reasons why a person may decide to wear a wig, permanently, temporarily, or sporadically. In addition, they can be a very fun addition, but, especially the first time, their placement can be complicated. The steps below will help you get it right the first time:

  •         First what you need to do is pull your hair back into place either by twisting the mane around your head or doing root braids that hide the volume.
  •         It is also important to clean your skin in the natural hairline area so that the wig can adhere well. One way to do this is to use alcohol-soaked gauze.
  •         A tip to make it look as natural as possible is to hold it. from the back of the head and shake it gently. This way it will be looser and with more movement.
  •         Position the edge of the wig – the outline of the mesh – making it coincide with your natural hairline.

A good reference to know is that the wig is well placed in the legs. Observe that they are in the correct position and that both are at the same height.

Comb the wig with your fingers, to give it an even looser look.

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