I Quit G-Board a Year Ago. I Don't Miss It

Charlotte Miller

I Quit G-Board a Year Ago. I Don’t Miss It

The Google keyboard or popularly abbreviated as the G-board was the most sought-after typing keyboard. But with time, changing user requirements, and privacy concerns have prompted many people to shift to some other, well-established, and safe keyboard. I won’t deny that I was sailing in the same boat as the people I have mentioned. Using G-board was getting monotonous and the spark that I once felt while using it seemed extinguished. So I decided to shift to a different keyboard, although I knew it won’t be simple. When you are using the same keyboard for a long time, you make a lot of mistakes while getting used to the new one. As I grew up, I also realized the importance of regularly conversing in my mother tongue – Bangla, as we tend to become calmer and more mature. So I had to keep that in mind while choosing the right keyboard.

Instead of searching for ‘typing keyboards’, I tried to find ‘Bangla typing’ on Playstore and sorted the list according to the ratings. The highest on the list was Bharat’s Bangla Keyboard. I was intrigued by a rating of more than 4.5 for a keyboard app with over 500K+ downloads. The graphics seemed interesting and the reviews genuine, but there was only one way to truly be sure of the authenticity. I downloaded the app, did the onboarding process, which was pretty impressive as they have voice-based instructions that give clarity as to why you need to do the actions they ask you to. They ask you to personalize the keyboard even before you start using it, so you can set it up accordingly. Fast-forward one year, this is arguably the greatest keyboards I have ever seen. Reasons? Read ahead to understand

Feeling Secured

The number one concern which I had, and many of you surely do is with regards to the safety of your data. Google is obviously a very big company to leave your data in a vulnerable state, but you can never be sure. This is true even for any other app, but it is the extent of risk that matters. The Bangla keyboard APK gives a certain sense of security. When you type your passwords or OTP, they are in the secure fields, which assure the users that their privacy won’t be infringed. Now, this is not just the ‘Secure Field’ UI with which I am confident, but also the Privacy Policy. 

The keyboard is rated by top data security firms as a 5-star secure keyboard that ticks all the blanks a business app need to fulfill. Nevertheless, the keyboard collects data based on your typing habits to train its AI-powered keyboard. This information is used to improve word suggestions, auto-correction, and emoji suggestions. 

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Texting made fun with stickers

I mean, talking about texting in 2021 and not having sticker requirements is like wanting to play cricket, but not needing a ball. Sticker is an integral part of our lives, and especially during these times when we try to find joy even in the smallest of things, stickers have been a blessing. The Bangla keyboard app has so many stickers that it is impossible to fully understand and find them in a finite team. Another reason is that they are constantly updated and new stickers are added all the time. 

The Bangla keyboard has Bangla and English stickers on various topics. Everyday greeting stickers will make boring texts redundant. You can create avatars and send them to your family and friends instantly. Previously we were dependent on other apps to make avatars but there’s no need for such hassle anymore. The keyboard you type with can also make stickers for you, and I feel that is wonderful. TO make text messages interesting, the keyboard can also convert words up to 25 characters to stickers called PopTexts. To extract complete essence from an emoji, the Bangla keyboard also has Bigmojis, which are bigger versions of emojis. Some of them are also animated and can be stored as stickers.  

Catchy lines are now ready-made

If you get tens of morning motivation posters every day, then it is time to bid them farewell. The Bangla keyboard app has a library of famous English and Bangla quotes that instill encouragement and motivates whoever reads them. Previously, I had to search for them on Google, and find something nice to send it over on my chat groups. But now with these quotes readily accessible on the keyboard, I don’t have to worry much. 

At the same time, when chat groups are active, you feel like adding fuel to fire and explode the group with laughter. The Bangla keyboard app also houses many Jokes which are hilarious and sure to make everyone laugh. This is something I have never seen in any keyboard app and is actually very useful. 

Keep a record of used phrases

Read this situation and tell me if this has ever happened to you. You copy an important message on your phone to send it somewhere else and close the window. But some work came up and you got busy in it. Accidentally you copied another message and realized that the previous message is now gone. Or another situation where you copied/cut an important assignment but your phone switched off. How will you retrieve those texts? 

Honestly, you can’t. Not unless you have the Bangla keyboard app. The keyboard stores the last 5 copied texts on the Clipboard, and you can access it anytime within the next one hour. Similarly, if you use certain lines repeatedly, then save time in typing them every time by storing them in the keyboards’ shortcuts. These can then be sent instantly with a click. 

Customize the keyboard as you wish

Shifting to a new keyboard is difficult as I mentioned previously, hence if you get a better keyboard but keep the look and feel of the previous one, it would cherry on top. The Bangla keyboard app will allow you to do personalizations according to your will. Even the most simple things can be set as you wish. You can select one of the many themes of the keyboard, add sticker and GIF creations which also include creating your own selfie-GIFs! 

In the settings, you will be able to adjust the text height and width, auto-correction power, PopText suggestions, adding background images to your keyboard, and the quick access buttons you want on your keyboard. 

It has been well over a year since I have stopped using the G-board. There is not a single thing that this keyboard cannot do, that the G-board does. But surely it does a lot more than the G-board can. I have been mightily impressed with the product that Bobble AI has made. With the constant updates that they bring, I am sure I will be using the Bangla keyboard app for a long time.

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