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Is Tech Humane: Ways In Which Technology Is Playing A Role In Addiction Recovery


Technology is reshaping human existence. The last fifty years have seen technological progress affect and influence almost all aspects of our lives. Think of the last time you did something completely divorced from technology?

I am guessing even when you are reading this article, you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or your computer! This is exactly what we are trying to refer to. Whatever you do; call a cab, talk to your colleagues, find love, shop for groceries, etc. is now done online. 

True the impact of technology has allowed human beings to solve multiple problems. We are more connected than ever, have cut down on redundancies, and have even managed to boost productivity levels. There is no denying the positive impact of technology here. 

If tech is so great, has it been helpful in helping humans address more sensitive problems? Problems like addiction? In this resource article, we take a close look at how humane tech really is; especially when it comes to playing a role in addiction treatments and recovery. 

Technology and Addiction Recovery: A Meaningful Relationship?

The first thing that comes to mind when we speak about addiction treatments and recovery is the individualized nature of problems. 

Think about how mental health therapy is a critically important part of the overall recovery and treatment plan. We all know this involves sittings with counselors, therapists, and others. Every patient has their own challenges and specific medical condition. 

Tech, on the other hand, is mostly understood in terms of a homogeneous force. When such intricacies are involved, shouldn’t something as generic as technology is helpful?

According to leading experts that help with substance use disorder treatment in Phoenix, the following are two major ways how technology is positively influencing this ecosystem- 

  1. Education- 

Let us begin by asking you a question- who do you turn to when it comes to getting answers? The answer is simple- Google! In addiction recovery, family members, as well as patients, can use the internet to help themselves get informed and educated regarding the nature of the problem. They can read resources on everything from ‘signs to watch out’ to ‘helping someone that is struggling with an addiction problem’. Education is the foundation or the start. 

  1. Access- 

There is a ton of stigma involved when it comes to addiction. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, that is never something to be proud of. There is a ton of denial involved. With technology, especially the internet, you are able to gain access (confidential if you want it to be) to rehab centers and therapists. There is a certain sense of agency and access. If you feel like you have a problem, you can use tech to simply reach out to the experts concerned. 

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The Major Benefits of Using Technology in Addiction Recovery

You might be wondering how apps, software, chat rooms, and another tech will be helpful when it comes to addiction recovery. Trust me, you are not alone. There are plenty of people that are wondering the same. 

In this section, we are going to list five major benefits of using technology in addiction recovery. Let’s get started-

  1. Breaking down barriers- 

There are multiple barriers that prevent people from seeking professional help when they are dealing with their addiction. While some are constantly in denial, others acknowledge the problem, but cannot get help. With technology, everything is accessible. From the websites of rehab centers to know whether your medical insurance will help you with coverage. 

  1. Helping find a community- 

The past few years have seen social media become an integral part of our lives. In addiction recovery, this has allowed individuals to connect and seek help from survivors that have been able to beat the problem. This helps them be inspired and connect to a meaningful community. Communities help foster strength and give confidence: ‘you are not alone in this’. 

  1. Tracking apps for sobriety- 

Most experts will tell you that the real struggle starts after you step out of detox. When you step into the real world and have easy access to substances that got you into trouble in the first place, that is where the real problem starts. With tracking apps, you will constantly be reminded of what you need to do to curb your cravings. They motivate and encourage you to stay clean. 

  1. Telemedicine therapy sessions with experts- 

There are times when you might need immediate help. Going to the rehab center might not be the best solution. In such instances, you should be able to get in touch with the concerned expert to help you with an immediate solution. There are a growing number of recovery experts that offer telemedicine or video calls/conferencing to their patients. 

  1. Overcoming the Stigma- 

In recent years, technology, especially social media platforms have become progressive. We have seen how celebs have used these powerful platforms and speak about their past struggles with drugs or other mental health challenges. We have seen so many challenges on Instagram or TikTok that have helped put these issues around addiction recovery in a positive light. 

Can Technology Help: Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically?

If you talk to anyone that has been able to successfully overcome their addiction, the first thing that they tell you is that it’s all in the mind! A human being that is strong emotionally and physically will always be able to overcome addiction with a bit of help from technology and the experts. 

If the addiction recovery process is aided by an individual engaging and investing in physical exercises, then the chances of success are far higher. If apps are able to help individuals with tracking, monitoring, and connecting with experts and the community, patients are going to stay motivated and driven. It is as simple as that.

The goal of technology is three-fold. It is to help an individual in three specific areas-

  1. Improve their mental strength by boosting their confidence levels and self-respect
  2. Boost emotional capability by connecting them to success stories and experts
  3. Drive physical improvement with fitness apps that help in hormone production

There has been a growing focus on the potential of technology in the field of addiction therapy and recovery. If you have any more questions or doubts that you would like us to address on the subject, please let us know in the comments section below. 

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