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ISB Full Form & Meaning

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ISB Full Form

Dear friends, we are here to do a study of the ISB Full Form and also it’s meaning. The ISB is a very interesting and common term that is used in various sectors like banking, medical, and so many. As we all know, exercise is good for our body and overall health.

But did you know the overall health is incomplete without a healthy mind? And to make a healthy mind we have to do a meditation, but learning something new and informative ultimately the meditation of the mind. So, let’s start to learn and make your mind healthy by learning what is the ISB full form? 

ISB Full Form

The full form of the ISB is the Indian School of Business

I – Indian 

S – School of

B – Business

The ISB means the Indian School of Business, which is a private school situated in India and was started in 1996 by a group of businessmen and academics. 

The co-founders of ISB are Anil Kumar, Rajat Kumar. The ISB has two campuses in India, one is at Hyderabad,  Telangana, and the second is at Mohali, Punjab.  

ISB Full Form In Medical

The full form of the ISB in medical is the Isothermic Saturation Boundary 

I – Isothermic

S – Saturation 

B – Boundary

In medical, the ISB means the Isothermic Saturation Boundary that is situated 5cm below the carina. The ISB has situated at the airways where inhaled gases become warm as body temperature. 

ISB Full Form In Banking

The full form of the ISB in banking is the International Subsidiary Banking

I – International 

S – Subsidiary

B – Banking

ISB Full Form In Computer

The full form of the ISB in the computer is the Internet Sharing Box or Internet Space Builder

I – Internet 

S – Sharing 

B – Box

In the computer, the ISB means Internet sharing Box that provides internet to the computer. The ISB box is fitted at home or offices as per our convenience. 

Another Full Form of ISB in Computer is 

I – Internet 

S – Space 

B – Builder

ISB Full Form In Block

The full form of the ISB in the block is the Inter Scalene Block 

I – Inter 

S – Scalene 

B – Block 

ISB Full Form In Loan 

The full form of the ISB in the loan is the Indian School of Business

I – Indian 

S – School of

B – Business

In loan, the ISB is  the educational loan provided if you pursue the

  • Post-Graduation Programme in Management for students i.e PGPM
  • Post Graduation Programme in Management for working professionals i.e PGP-PRO
  • Post Graduation Programme in Management for Senior Executive i.e PGP-MAX. 

ISB Full Form In Communication

The full form of the ISB in the communication is the Independent Side Band

I – Independent 

S – Side 

B – Band

In communication, the ISB is used with some AM radio transmissions and it is a single sideband mode.

Full Form Of ISB In The Chat 

The ISB is also used in chatting and the full form of ISB in the chat is I’m So Bored

I – I’m 

S – So 

B – Bored

ISB Full Form In Star Wars

The full form of the ISB in the star wars is the Imperial Security Bureau

I – Imperial 

S – Security 

B – Bureau

ISB Stands for

The ISB stands for the Indian School of Business

I – Indian 

S – School of

B – Business

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Is ISB Better Than IIM?

The IIM stands for the Indian Institute of Management is much better than the ISB whose full form is the Indian School of Business. 

What Is The ISB Course?

The ISB course is about business and management. 

What Is ISB MBA?

The ISB is Post Graduation Programme that is a one year MBA for young managers to enhance skills related to management. 

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In this article, I have given you all information related to the ISB in terms of its full forms and meanings. The ISB is an Indian School of Business that provides the Post Graduation Programme in Management to develop the management skill of candidates. The PGPM is available for students, working professionals, and also the Senior Executives. If you thinking about getting admission for PGGM then must go through this article, once you go then you will never confuse about the ISB full form in the future.  


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