Joyoshare VidiKit Review (2022): Powerful Video Creation and Editing Tool

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Joyoshare VidiKit Review (2022): Powerful Video Creation and Editing Tool


To successfully reach your targeted audience, you need engaging video content. As a video creator, you want the additional benefit of knowing how to screen record on windows. 

The increasing demand initiated the release of user-friendly software capable of video cutting, compression, joining, conversion, etc., on a single platform. Joyoshare VidiKit supports different media file formats, also capable of fixing broken ones.

Other benefits of installing this software include its watermark controls, screenshot ability, on-screen recording, etc. Its user interface and organized dashboard appeal to content creators, making it easy to use.

The software is available for download on compatible Windows and MAC operating systems. Now, let us take a closer look at its intriguing features, asides from its ability to record screen on Windows.

Joyoshare VidiKit Features?

Joyoshare VidiKit allows you to perform several functions to produce compelling video content on a single platform. It permits the conversion, editing, and recording of videos in different formats. This software fixes and restores corrupt files as well.

Navigating this tool with a few clicks allows it to be used as a perfect screen recorder for Windows, a video cutter, a compressor, and a joiner. Here are the features of Joyoshare VidiKit that make it your ideal video creator tool.

Screen and Audio Recorder

This feature permits you to record content with audio in high resolutions such as 1080p and 4k at 60 frames per second without delay. Screenshots can be taken during recording while highlighting click movements. You can hide the cursor during the process where necessary.

You can add watermarks to censor your content’s distribution. Also, the tool makes it possible to record specific portions of the screen by manually setting the height and width of its recording frame. Recording time is scheduled in advance after a preset of standard resolution has been done.

The audio capture can be done using an external microphone or the computer in multiple audio formats. These files can be easily organized by editing the title, album, and presented information. Follow our guide below to record screen with audio successfully.  

  • Launch this software toolkit on your computer and select the ‘Record’ option to access its screen recorder. This step should lead you to the ‘Record Video and Audio’ mode. 
  • Next, choose a capture area by specifying the frame’s region. This is achieved by stating the width and the height, pressing the ‘+’ key for manual customization, or picking a ratio from the presented list. 
  • Afterward, you can enable the audio recording option suitable for the process. Locate the ‘Options’ icon to reveal the settings and confirm more recording preferences. 
  • Then click the ‘REC’ button to begin the 3-second countdown, during which it adjusts your capture area. Engage the ‘stop’, ‘cut’, and ‘paste’ tools during the recording if you desire. 
  • Finally, stop the recording to save the video and edit the tag information for proper management and organization.

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Video Cutter

Video cutting enables the division of sections of your video into two parts, making it easy to be removed and the leftover parts combined while maintaining the clips’ original quality. Joyoshare VidiKit is an excellent video cutter for you.

In addition, the tool can select and delete unwanted time frames as needed. Its cutting operations are more developed than the software’s contemporaries. Undesired portions are trimmed off by choosing the start and end times of the frames.  

Use the available control keys or set temporal intervals to engage this feature. The original quality of the video content is not affected while cutting, creating a result with high precision with great speed. The progress can be reviewed in real-time while cutting. 

Video Joiner

Your video editing software should support the joining of various video formats with the same or different frame sizes and audio rates into a single file. This task should be easy to carry out for a commendable result.

Joyoshare VidiKit can combine multiple audio and video files without reencoding content of the same format. The video quality, as well as other parameters, can be customized when merging different media formats. 

Video Compressor

Videos recorded in high resolution with large sizes occupy a lot of storage space and may not be easily transmitted over networks or the internet. Video compression makes encoding of files possible in alternate sizes. 

Larger files are compressed by reducing the bits representing the image or video content for storage purposes or transmission. The software’s compressing feature allows compression by file size or percentage mode into smaller sizes. 

By launching ‘video compression’ in the ‘convert’ section, files to be compressed can be uploaded or added, after which the percentage of compression can be increased or decreased. A simple click on ‘compress’ will complete the process and save the content on the output’s path.

Joyoshare VidiKit Software and Hardware Specifications

This software is compatible with Windows XP and other later versions. It requires a suitable Pentium III 800 MHz, PIV 1.6 GHz, or higher. The Windows should be 1 or 2GB of RAM with at least 1GB free to function effectively. 


Now you understand why Joyoshare VidiKit will help you create compelling content from a single platform. Please verify that your windows are compatible and download straight away to access its features. Follow our guide on how to record screen on windows successfully.

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