Charlotte Miller

Launching an email campaign with the use of tools for an email deliverability test

When you notice that your email cold campaign rates are declined from time to time, or it has a huge amount of bounces, or your emails are getting marked as spam regularly, it is time to show a real boost for your email deliverability. 

The most essential action for analyzing all issues your compaign faces is to run an email deliverability test. Luckily, the modern digital email market is full of tools that include spam testers used for checking spam in emailing.

 that you should use to give a great chance to your email deliverability and get profitable results.

In this guide, we have collected for you the top 11 tools due to different features and pricing that are considered the most useful and right-handed tools for enhancing email deliverability. They are the following: 

  1. Folderly;
  2. Mail Tester;
  3. MX Toolbox; 
  4. Mailtrap;
  5. Sender Score;
  6. Talos;
  7. Trusted Source;
  8. Microsoft SNDS;
  9. Glock Apps;
  10. Google postmaster tools;
  11. Barracuda Central

Folderly as a key instrument for email deliverability test

During running a cold emailing campaign, you might face plenty of spam and delivery issues. Not paying attention to them and not getting rid them of will cost you a lot. That is why you need a considered decision.

One of the effective tools showing advanced features is Folderly. Being experts in email marketing, Folderly`s email spam tester suggests advanced solutions for checking domain for the spam score, engagement score, and of course email delivery rate. 

Today they are leaders in demonstrating excellence in strengthening email deliverability scores. By the way, Folderly is a product of B2B sales lead generation Belkins company which gives you a 100% guarantee of expanding your audience through different sales funnels, developing email delivery, and automatization all email marketing processes. Besides, Folderly`s email spam tester tool allows you to run an email campaign in an autopilot format. After testing you will get a detailed analysis of all spam issues and turn-based recommendations for solving them. 

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Discover a spam tester “Mail Tester”

Mail tester is a well-known instrument that is actively used for exploring and analyzing the way your emails get through to end up in the receiver`s inbox. As you run an email spam check, you will can a thorough assessment of your domain, spam issues, and the state of HTML code. This tool recommends to you follow their guides for solving the issues your campaign deals with. 

However, the major minus of this tool is that it from time to time can give blackhole lists not corresponding to the actual date. That is why this outdated information can diminish your reputation as a sender.

Using MX Toolbox for checking spam in the emailing

Without testing emailing campaign will be very difficult to get a 99% email deliverability rate. That is why using the MX Toolbox instrument is a great idea to implement into your campaign.

This tool is responsible for providing you with a detailed evaluation of your domain health, impersonation issues, IP score, and checking the geolocation of senders. After running this test, you will get urgent messages about what should you change in an emailing campaign. All of these steps are crucial to accomplish since they influence the effectiveness and success of cold emailing. If you use this tool at the free base, you will be able to monitor up to 30 blacklists. Paid annual subscription suggests monitoring and analyzing your inboxes for the containment of spam, and blacklists, and getting more advanced email deliverability tools. However, here it will be quite tricky and difficult to cancel your subscription.


This program belongs to the email deliverability tools the main benefit of which is that you don`t disturb your recipients with numerous messages during the testing period. Having automized anti-spam software “SpamAssassin”, Mailtrap provides you with far-reaching testing of your email that gets to a huge amount of inboxes, a detailed check of your domain score, and comprehensive analysis of each email template through the prism of HTML codes and issues it faces. The paid partnership allows you to expand the number of testing emails. Using this tool allows you to not only get an advanced testing email deliverability but also to get tips on how to keep far from spam filters during the tested period. 

“Sender Score” is an essential tool for improving email deliverability

This tool`s name speaks for itself – it is an instrument assessing your domain reputation and the IP address from 0 up to 100 scores. Improving this rate is essential because a good sender`s score means that the email campaign email delivery rate will be flawless. This automized and advanced bulk email sender suggests a comprehensive report of issues and solutions to improve them.

How do I understand that my email deliverability is declining? Well, launch SenderScore and you will get an exact assessment of your reputation. If it is higher than 81, you don`t have to worry but keep this balance further. If this score is lower, you have to put effort to increase it. Remember, the better sender`s rate is, the better the email deliverability rate you will have. 


Talos is a free testing email deliverability instrument allowing you to get a high-quality evaluation of your rate as a sender. You don`t have to put a lot of effort to get this result, you just have to write your domain, wait a little bit and then you will see how good your reputation is according to three levels: poor, neutral, and good. 

Additional benefits of this program are:

  • you will find out what your emailing volume is;
  • check your address in the database of blacklists;
  • you will be able to test your emails with different email providers and see which problems they face.

Despite the benefits this tool has, the main disadvantage is that it doesn`t suggest any variants to solve issues.

Trusted Source

All beauty of the Trusted Source is in an advanced checking of your URL, and the address of your website. Being an effective instrument with huge experience, these professionals provide you with deep checking of your sender`s reputation defining it as credible or distrustful ones. Other benefits of it are verifying your DNS records on email services and providing you with a comprehensive categorization assessment of URL filters. Besides, they pay a lot of attention to the domain’s health, its history, and connections with other servers. 

If you want to use this tool, you`d better have extra time because it takes a bit longer than other instruments in providing testing services.

Microsoft SNDS

When you are interested in analyzing how good your emails are and how an audience interacts with them, the useful instrument for you will be Microsoft SNDS. These guys and their tool are worth launching this tool in every emailing campaign. Why? Let`s have a look at their prons :

  • a detailed analysis of the sender`s rate, IP state, and domain health;
  • the actual score of spam complaints;
  • an analysis of email and how it is engaged with every recipient;
  • testing email delivery within spam filters.

This tool is quite termed on the email marked so sit might doesn`t have some of the innovative features.


The same as Folderly, GlockApps is an instrument focused on improving and testing email deliverability. If you want to get a profound impact of an email campaign on your business, this instrument will be effective and fruitful for you. 

Running an email test with GlocjApps you will be provided with a report in actual time for all IP addresses you use for campaigns. After that, you will get a deep understanding of:

  • where your emails are landed;
  • profound check of email deliverability
  • which issues the delivery gets through;
  • what are the authentication records of SPF and DKIM are;
  • the state of IP and domain reputation;
  • which indicators and rates are declining or increasing;
  • monitoring hard and soft bounces and getting rid of them.

Don`t hesitate to use this tool in your campaigns. 

Google Postmaster Tools

Being a product of Microsoft engine, this tool is credible and easy to use. It suggests clever decisions for investigation and solving lots of problems your email delivery experiences. Google Postmaster instrument also gives a detailed analysis of: email delivery rate, spam complaints score, the domain and IP scores, SPF, DMARC, DKIM records scores and many others. Besides, you will get professional tips to fix the spam problems your emailing has.

Despite these great features, there are some features that are not ideal and should be developed. First of all, it is an incorrect reputation score and sometimes there is a lack of important data. Secondly, the service doesn’t apply upgrades and refreshed options. So before testing your email deliverability, don`t forget to check all prons and cons of the tool you are going to use and whether your goals match the options of the testing service.

Barracuda Central

You won`t find a better tool providing you with the most effective options to protect your data from danger. Barracuda Central suggests using their costless testing tool allowing you:

  • to get honest up to 96% of precise spam score feedback;
  • to protect your data and identify dangerous influences;
  • to be provided with a detailed recommendation on fixing issues and threats;
  • to block an unlimited number of suspicious spam messages.

In spite of these advanced options, the Barracuda tool doesn`t provide technical support help. Besides, there is a risk of being blocklisted by email service providers because of the high automation level.

So, how to choose one email deliverability instrument? Generally, it is up to you which tool to implement into your campaign. But we advise you to combine them and during testing, you will collect enough information and data about them and then choose one of them and experience all its beauty in a real campaign. 

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