List of 5 best 32-inch smart TV Offered by OnePlus

Charlotte Miller

List of 5 best 32-inch smart TV Offered by OnePlus

After making its name in the smartphone industry, OnePlus has swiftly become a major player in the smart TV sector. The entry of OnePlus into the smart TV market has been quite exciting for customers since it has given them a wide range of options. Since their OLED and QLED TV range tends to be on the expensive side, they may be out of reach for many typical Indian families. The new OnePlus 32-inch TV is packed with cutting-edge features and doesn’t break the bank.

 If the OnePlus 32-inch Smart TV has grabbed your interest but you’re still on the fence about making a purchase, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This article delves into the 5 best OnePlus TVs so you can make an informed buy.

Enjoy your favourite shows and films on the OnePlus Y1S Edge 80cm HD Ready LED smart TV. The sleek, bezel-free frame of the OnePlus TV has been meticulously designed to provide an immersive cinematic experience.

HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG are the dominant high-dynamic-range formats on the OnePlus 32-inch smart TV and can play any content wonderfully. Your eyes will be opened to visuals that are more brilliant, clear, and deep in detail. The OnePlus Y1S Edge is like having a movie theatre in your home.

Spend less time trying to find content and more time appreciating what you’ve found. You may get instant access to all your favourite shows and movies with OxygenPlay.

  • HD Ready OnePlus 32-inch Y Series Smart LED TV

The OnePlus 32-inch Y series Smart TV delivers superb image quality and a stylish design to enhance your watching experience. Two USB ports and two HDMI inputs are included with this TV. Additionally, options for connectivity include the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Your laptop, along with many other devices, may all be linked through an HDMI cable. The OnePlus 32-inch smart TV boasts a contrast ratio of 5000 to 1, which is rather impressive.

You can use voice commands with Google Assistant, download apps from a large library on the Play Store, and peruse recommendations tailored just for you on the Android operating system. The eye-popping images will hold your attention and spark your creativity from the very first scene.

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  • OnePlus Y1 32-inch HD Ready LED Smart TV with Dolby Audio

This OnePlus Y1 32-inch smart TV set has a design that eliminates the bezels around the screen and has a screen-to-body ratio of 91.4%, which provides a large viewing area.

Because of the powerful speakers, you will enjoy to your utmost up to 24W of razor-sharp, high-definition music. Music that is both powerful and evocative may enhance the enjoyment of any activity, whether it’s a movie or a game. Dolby Audio surrounds each picture with a sea of crystal-clear sound.

  • 32-inch OnePlus Y1 Series Smart Android LED TV

This OnePlus 32-inch Y1 series smart Android TV has voice controls through Google Assistant, allowing you to navigate its menus and use its features with only the sound of your voice. The OnePlus 32-inch smart TV also makes it easy to get your favourite apps from the Google Play store.

Accessing Google Assistant is as easy as tapping a button and the process takes very little time. You can ask Google Assistant questions about the weather, current events, and more in English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages.

  • OnePlus 32-inch Smart Android Dark Grey LED TV 

See the cutting edge of TV technology with the OnePlus Full HD LED Android Smart TV, which has Google Assistant pre installed and is compatible with Alexa. The minimalist, bezel-less design is the result of a painstaking effort to create an engaging cinematic atmosphere. Tap and share easily on your OnePlus TV with the help of Chromecast.

Auto Low Latency Mode, or ALLM, can be turned on by connecting your gaming console to your computer via HDMI or by starting up certain game software.

On Bajaj Mall, you can get a OnePlus 32-inch smart TV on easy EMIs.

Go to the Bajaj Mall and use the available filters to narrow your search to models that fit your needs and price range. You are free to use the brand, size, or QLED TV filters with the OnePlus TV or any other brand of television that you like. This can help you zero in on a more manageable selection of options that better suit your requirements. You can read about the specs of your preferred OnePlus 32-inch smart TV and then place an order in a few easy steps.

Purchasing a television from Bajaj Mall is a hassle-free and time-saving option. You may get more discounts and benefits when you buy your TV from the online marketplace. At the Bajaj Mall, you may buy a new TV and pay for it over a period ranging from three months to two years, with no interest charged on the EMIs.

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