Live Wiser on Your Smart Home Using Schneider Electric's Wiser App

Charlotte Miller

Live Wiser on Your Smart Home Using Schneider Electric’s Wiser App

Did you know that you can monitor the efficiency and reliability of your home’s electrical appliances and everything that happens in your absence, no matter how far you are? 

If not, this article will show you the possibility of using the Wiser app developed by Schneider electric. Homes are meant to provide great comfort for you and your loved ones, and reliable electricity offers the needed warmth and safety to perform daily routines efficiently.

With the constant shift between demand and supply of electricity, ensuring that we are guaranteed its efficiency in our homes throughout is essential. Wiser enables you to access your TV, lighting, window treatments, and lighting from wherever you are. It also provides an energy management role through which users can monitor how their electricity is consumed and detect any faults encountered in their houses. here you can search about neon signs.

Benefits of Wiser in Your Life

Wiser has two main components that can track the occurrences in your home. It can be used as a mobile phone app or connected to your devices and sensors as a hub. Wiser brings immense safety, comfort, and efficiency of energy to your home, as discussed below:

1. Safety

The Wiser app has sensors that enable you to track the proficiency of your home. The sensors provide you with immediate notification if something is not correct. There are different types of sensors that offer extra security in your home.

  • Water leakage sensor – It identifies water leaks in your home with smart switches add tag that sends an alarm of the situation.
  • Motion sensor – It detects your presence in the compound and quickly switches on the lights at night.
  • Window/door sensor – It ensures that all the necessary avenues in your home are safely locked in when required.

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2. Comfort

The app offers lighting and shutter control in your home through the smart switches add tag. It can also be integrated with Siri or Google Home to use your voice to control the dimming or switching off lights or the opening and closing of curtains in your home.

Your Wiser app can also accommodate more components that help in activities such as cooking, reading, or access to Netflix that add to your comfort. All this and much more can be accessed through a tap on your screen.

You can also set a definite routine for your home through wiser that works automatically according to your schedule. This can be in such areas as setting your curtains to open at 7 am every morning or the lights automatically switch off at 10 pm after everyone sleeps.

Through Wiser, you have the opportunity to get rid of all other remotes in your home because you can control it all from the comfort of your home, be it the TV, Wi-Fi system, or air-conditioning. The app can also help maintain your home’s required temperature and humidity rates through sensors that control the air-conditioning appropriately.

3. Energy Efficiency

The wiser app by Schneider electric helps manage energy in your home. With the various applications and utilities found in our homes, it is safe to say that some may consume more than needed and can quickly go unnoticed.

Wiser helps prevent this because homeowners get to regulate their consumption efficiently and monitor their utility bills. This enables them to save on the money used and help conserve the environment.

The smart switches add tag helps you to monitor and control everything in your home. With the wiser app, you are assured of the safety and proper control of what happens in your home even when you are away. Schneider Electric can help you set up a smart home with the app anytime and anywhere, which is the best decision you could ever make regarding having a better home.

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